Alaya sign to Basick Records, music video for new song 'Inside'


Chicago-based band Alaya, formerly known as The Alaya Conscious, have announced that they will release their debut full-length album 'Thrones' through Basick Records next year. They have also released a music video for a new song titled 'Inside' through Basick Records' YouTube channel, watch and listen below.

About the video, vocalist and bass player Michael Brandt Rinkenberger had the following to say:
"For the 'Inside' video we decided to work again with accredited producer and our long time friend, Bob Packo. We started with the concept of a play through but chose to approach it in a different way. The camera angles, lighting and focus are not typical of a play through video and create a unique experience for the viewer that fits well with the energy conveyed by the music. We shot the video DIY style at our rehearsal space. Bob brought a crew in and we cleared the space, hung back drops, set up lighting and camera rigs and spent a full day shooting... shooting, eating crappy pizza and drinking craft beers. We got some great footage and had a blast putting the whole thing together. Bob and his team edited and wrapped everything up for us in a few days and we're excited about how it turned out!"

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Wow thanks for listening, can't wait to deliver the record to you.

One of the few albums I will be purchasing a physical copy of, LP if possible. Great shit, love the instruments. Awesome bass riffs, nice guitar melody, solid drumming, and haunting vocals. One of the most promising bands of 2013.

You guys are great, really like your sound, kinda remind me of the old Periphery. I also would like to see some growls and heavy stuff from the vocalist on the album.

Yeah, digging......and digging. Like the sound, keep it up. \m/

Thanks HB! We will begin touring in 2013, and we will be taking a rhythm guitarist on the road with us. Hope you can make it to a show when the time comes! Thanks again for listening dude!

Love this song! I just wonder how these guys tour. They have one guitarist but multiple guitar layers requiring more than one guitarist to pull it off live!

Finally! About time this band gets a deal and some notoriety. Super pumped for the album!

Defenately got a Periphery feel to it. But i like it.

I'm seriously impressed! Basick's been making a lot of good choices.

Tasty guitar tone!

Absolutly love it! and Grace from the djentlemans club compilation. Im very very excited for the album!!

Um, isn't it the guitar player who is also the vocalist and not the bassist?

really like this song. Laughing out loud

And vocals of course, forgot about them. Great vocals.

It's djenty, it's mature, it's well produced and it is musical. Rare stuff in djentland.

Gnarly rhythms, fuck...

Realy good stuff! eager to hear the album.