The Algorithm and Skyharbor sign to Basick Records (updated)


Basick Records reports that French solo artist Remi Gallego, AKA The Algorithm, and India-based band Skyharbor have signed to the label.

The Algorithm is gearing up to release a new single titled 'Tr0jans', which will include new versions of 'Isometry' and 'Antikythera Mechanism' as well as a new song, in early 2012. Skyharbor will release their debut album 'Blinding White Noise: Illusion & Chaos' around the same time. The album was announced to be delayed earlier, but no reason was given at that point. It will feature guest appearances by Daniel Tompkins (ex-TesseracT), Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth), Vishal J. Singh (Amogh Symphony) and Sunneith Revankar(Bhayanak Maut).

UPDATE: The Algorithm has also released a new version of the track 'Isometry', which is available for streaming and for free download from his SoundCloud page. Listen below.

Read the announcement on
Stream/download the track from SoundCloud.

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Don't sweat it dude - thanks for your apology though, it's much appreciated.
We're also sorry that it took so long for you to get your order - we really cannot explain what has been happening with some of our international mail lately; unfortunately once it leaves us, it's out of our control and down to national/international postal services.
Anyway - glad you got your order in the end dude - Enjoy!

Wanted to apologize for my recent comments regarding Basick Records & how immature my antics have been. I spoke infant-like because I didn't receive my order, in what I felt, was a timely matter. It did arrive today and everything is in order. I try to remain patient in times of debate, this time I failed, miserably! I try to stay on top of reason when it involves things I can not control, as to minimize what I feel are lame excuses and inept signs of discipline.

Whoa I feel like an ass!

Whoa there, Nelly...

Basick isn't that bad, I was pretty sure they were getting signed when they delayed, it was the only really appropriate cause for delay of Blinding White Noise. I'm quite glad that they did get signed, they are an incredible band.

Yeah, I e-mailed them two weeks ago! Barley, replied in like three days reassuring me everything was fine, taking slower than he wants, but, it's in the mail! Then proceeds to give me a link to download the first Februus disk for free, until. E-mailed them again two days ago...I f*ckin' should of used a carrier pigeon!

Why Skyharbor...? When you got Dan Tompkins on %80 of the album, per Keshav, you get that situation signed, sealed & delivered! The Algorithm have a decent following, the logic would suggest, wait for it....wait for it....wompom,rubles, pesos, dead presidents. Basick, for me, at this point, could eat a bag of dicks, unfortunately now I'm into for the cost of both bands....sometimes you just can't win!

I had a similar experience recently. Just email them and explain what happened, they're extremely fast to reply to you and will take care personal care of your case. Mine was reshipped and reached me in just 1 day. Wink

Great news for the algorithm, he deserves it. I think he definately has the potential and basick can help him achieve it. And I just realized that Skyharbor is the new incarnation of Hydrodjent, so good luck to them too!

they`re ok, but there are just way better bands out there, like Shattered Skies and I The Omniscient. I can`t get label's logic sometimes, but it's up to them.

A 'Means End' signing would of been top notch to!

Can't wait to grab a physical copie from both bands!

I was hoping they would announce signing Means End. Any word on that?

Yay, the algorithm rocks...

Was hoping that was the news for 'Skyharbor', can not wait! I just hope Basick gets me Skyharbor's release sooner than Circles-Compass ep, took 6 weeks & Uneven Structure...yeah still waiting for that! Ordered in October. They gave me a free download of the first disk, but damn...I could swim to England from New York faster! None the less good news for 'Skyharbor'! & Algorithm! Right On!

Sweet. Not too keen on the name change for Skyharbor's album though. It's too long.