The Algorithm preparing live performances, upcoming EP details revealed


Rémi Gallego of The Algorithm has posted a message on the band's facebook page where he shares plans to go live. Rémi says that he's going to set up kind of a video that will be played background, with abstract forms in space, epileptic images, extremely synchronized with the music. The inspiration came from a French movie's "Enter the Void" credits part and the whole concept will be based on it, except that shapes will be used instead of letters.

Rémi is currently working on his debut EP, which will have a different approach than before, focusing on creating a whole story all along the album, with no blanks or cuts between tracks. Also, songs will be 'outer space' oriented.

Click here to check out The Algorithm Facebook page.
Click here to watch 'Enter the Void' credits part online.

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It'll be interesting to hear how well the sound translates to a live setting.