Animals as Leaders: new album release date announced


Animals As Leaders have announced the official release date of their upcoming album 'Weightless'. The album, which will be released by Prosthetic Records, is due for official release on November 8th. However, the album will arrive in mainland European stores on November 4th and in UK stores on November 7th. To hear some of the new album's material prior to the release, you can see Animals As Leaders on tour with Between the Buried and Me in Europe and America, with TesseracT also joining them in America. To learn more, visit their Facebook page.


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I love this band, actually kinda want to pay for it too but... yeah I have to try before I buy because most djent sounds exactly the same, but hey that's rock.


LOLOL Vildhjarta


..oh, wait..

What about north america?

Yeah!!! Just hoping they'd play some new material on 28/9

Sweet as November! And i agree i do like the fact they don't tell us they are going to release it practically half a year before they actually do "cough Dream Theater cough". Good on ya im so excited to hear it!

If only TRAM would actually follow through on it.

I love how this band actually sets dates, and announces it close to the release date, which always makes the wait feel super short, obviously.