The Arusha Accord: instrumental version of 'The Echo Verses' available for streaming


The Arusha Accord have released the instrumental version of their debut album 'The Echo Verses', which is available for streaming and for purchase from the Basick Record's Bandcamp page. Listen below. A playthrough video for the song 'Tightrope' was posted earlier.

Stream / purchase the album from Bandcamp.

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Februus ≠ The Arusha Accord...

cool story bro.

Damn I had to download each of their songs from youtube a long time ago and I guess I just don't like these guys, maybe they're actually better with vocals because it was just too technical for it's own good in my opinion. But I barely even gave them a chance because the quality from the youtube-mp3 website wasn't that great, damn I wish they'd just release Februus without the vocals that would be so sick.

Noooo, their vocals are sick! This is only good for tabbing the guitar/bass parts more accurately.