BIRN interview with Misha Mansoor available


As we reported, the Berklee Internet Radio Network (BIRN) aired an interview with Misha "Bulb" Mansoor tonight, during their prog/metal show "Can I Haz Progzorz?". A recording of this almost 50-minute long interview is available - download it here! (m4a format, 56:41, 53 MB)

In it, Misha discusses his influences, the songwriting process, his various side projects, Periphery's upcoming album and their participation in the Thrash and Burn tour, during which the interview was recorded. And also says "you know" a lot.

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love his voice, it's so laid-back xD

Well, you know Tongue

lol, you're nuts Tongue

yeah, he really likes to hear himself talk Tongue but they're just a bunch of students doing this in their free time I suppose. I think they asked some very interesting questions, though.

One of the interviewers obviously never learned the important lesson that an interview is about the interviewee, not the interviewer...

No problem! It took me almost 3 hours to crop without quality loss, though Tongue

Thanks broski Smile