Born of Osiris denied entry into Canada, forced to cancel tour


Born of Osiris have announced on their Facebook page that they have been denied entry into Canada and therefore will be unable to perform alongside August Burns Red on all dates (see below) for their tour to promote their recently released album 'The Discovery'.

Lee McKinney (guitars) further states: "Due to some very unexpected problems at the border, we were unable to cross into Canada. We were forced to turn around and head home and could not be more bummed about this. We are so sorry to everyone who had already bought tickets to the shows in hopes to see us. We were excited to get to play a lot of places we haven't been to before throughout Canada with some great bands. We will try again to make it out to Canada in the near future, and will do everything within our powers to ensure we make it across next time."

Born of Osiris were supposed to be playing the following venues:

Mar 31 Quebec City, QC - Imperial de Quebec
Apr 01 London, ON - London Music Hall
Apr 02 Ottawa, ON - Capital Music Hall
Apr 03 Sudbury, ON - Jubilee Music Center
Apr 05 Winnipeg, MB - Garrick Center
Apr 06 Saskatoon, SK - Louis
Apr 07 Edmonton, AL - Starlite Room
Apr 08 Calgary, AB - MacEwan Hall Ballroom
Apr 09 Vancouver, BC - Rickshaw Theater

Born of Osiris on Facebook

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And why would they try to smuggle drugs across a border? Sure, they all smoke, everyone knows that. But they could easily get hooked up by people in Canada and would have just got some once they crossed the border. A lot of bands smoke the whole time during tours in their vans/buses but I highly doubt they would try to bring weed over- those dudes have plenty of hookups. It is decriminalized in Canada but technically illegal as far as I know...

A lot of the time, the Canada border patrols are dumb. I am 99% sure someone in their band had a DUI and that was why. A lot of bands are denied entry because of DUIs- I've heard this several times with several bands. They really hold DUIs against Americans. You can get cleared entry by paying a cashload somewhere in the U.S.- I forgot where though.

It's still there for me.

april joke? they have erased the post from their facebook page

damn! I was supposed to see them on wednesday. Sad

Who put the weed in the drum kit? Whatever, they just probably didn't have the papers..wonder where they went?

"Yo, where'd you find the paper for that joint before we left?"

*Awkward silence*

Wonder if it involved drugs. I've heard they're pretty all pretty big stoners so maybe they got shut out because they had weed with them.

God damnit! We're usually so relaxed at the borders haha...


WTF is up at the Canadian border? a few days ago Counterparts had to leave their merch behind to get into Canada now this...