Born of Osiris part ways with guitarist Jason Richardson


Born of Osiris have released a statement on their Facebook page announcing the departure of their guitarist Jason Richardson. They write: "This was something that just needed to happen. We will be a more creative, energized, and focused unit as a result.". The band are now on the lookout for a replacement, and video submissions for the position can be sent to BOOlessons [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Richardson himself has also commented on the split on his Facebook page, claiming that he was forcibly booted from the band. Born of Osiris have made a further statement saying that the split with Richardson was friendly on their part, and that they still consider him a good friend. Richardson has now joined deathcore outfit Chelsea Grin.

Read Born of Osiris's original statement on their Facebook page.
Read Jason Richardson's statement on his Facebook page.
Read Born of Osiris's follow-up statement on their Facebook page.

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Aside from a few nice solo's on the discovery in Follow the signs and Behold, Jason has had a negative effect on the band in my honest opinion. There are too many solos and not enough focus on rhythmic structure. The new reign was a brilliant album with unlimited replay value. And despite what the band did to him, his post was disgusting... even if BOO treated him wrong... two wrongs don't make a fucking right. I'm glad he's gone

I totally agree mate. I love a higher place! Now Arise and A decent are two of my favourite BOO tracks. Will be sad to see him go but it will be interesting to see what stuff they come up with now.

BOO and CG bopth have distinct sounds. Although i love Richardsons style, im glad it was he who left rather than Mckinney (my idol). Im excited for new Chelsea Grin. The guitar work and style should be way better than before! I would audition for BOO but alas, im only 16 -.- I hope they find someone good that can keep up. Wink And The Discovery is still my favorite album...lacking in good solos you might say? Listen to Behold. More soloing than all of The Desolation of Eden put together. Tongue Sounds hella bad ass too...anyway, goodluck to both Richardson and Born of Osiris, i'm sure they'll be on good terms and I wish them both the best in there choices.

A Higher Place is a much better album than the Discovery! Though the Discovery has better production and more of a Djentiness to it, it suffers from less ambitious song structures, less amazing guitar solos, and too much keyboard! I like the Discovery don't get me wrong, I just feel it is really lacking compared to its predecessor...

what a pity. BOO has just done an incredible album with Jason's amazing skills.
now they have to find someone that can do those shreds in The Discovery,
while Chelsea Grin might have lots more shred on their next album haha

At very last

Hmm, let's look at this:

BOO is being a jerk, and they have to find another guitar player with Jason's chops to keep the fierce dual guitar-monies that BOO is known for in their songs

Chelsea Grin has a great live presence and a pretty distinguishable sound.

Take Jason and put him in Chelsea Grin, and you have an amazing addition. I mean, who knows what they'll do for the next album

The way I read it, the guys in BOO are bastards.
Jason Richardson is amazing.

I was never into Chelsea Grin, but I guess now I'll have to check their next album just for Jason.