Bulb: new song clips, new Periphery album teaser


Periphery guitarist Misha 'Bulb' Mansoor has uploaded three new clips to his SoundClick page. The first two, 'The Moonstar' and 'Make Total Destroy!' are rough clips of new song ideas. The third is a teaser "of things to come for Periphery's second album". He also writes that the band will not be releasing a lot of material on beforehand, as was the case with their self-titled debut album.

Listen to 'The Moonstar' on SoundClick.
Listen to 'Make Total Destroy!' on SoundClick.
Listen to the second Periphery album teaser on SoundClick.

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The beginning of Make Total Destroy does sound very Keith Merrow... then takes a Meshuggah twist right into some Sikth! For sure one of if not my favorite clip Bulb song idea yet!

awesome goodness

Make Total Destroy! may be a rough cut, but please don't change that clean melody halfway into the song. That's beautiful. Probably my favorite Bulb/Periphery song so far.

Can't wait for the second full length by Periphery, Djenty goodness!

Wow really digging that first one, make total destory!

Freaking insane. Im confused why they title everything with an exclamation point at the end though.

Make total destroy reminds me of Keith Merrow.