Chimp Spanner: 'Imperium Vorago' available on iTunes


Paul Ortiz of Chimp Spanner has released the first Chimp Spanner album, 'Imperium Vorago', on iTunes. The album has gotten a new cover image which can be viewed below. Paul comments in a weblog post: "I've already had a few people asking if there are plans to release it physically...honestly, I don't think so. Obviously nothing is ruled out! But I can tell you that as things stand, the next physical release will be 100% new! And hopefully quite soon!" He also mentioned that the album will also be coming to Amazon MP3, Spotify and We7 early next year for those who don't use iTunes.

Official Chimp Spanner website
Chimp Spanner's Blog

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it's not new, it's actually his debut, released in 2005.

Wait this is a complet new full-lenght album? Why haven't I heard anything of this o_o