Circle of Contempt parts ways with vocalist


Circle of Contempt have announced on the band's Facebook page that their lead singer Riku Haavisto has decided to leave the band. They also write "We are not breaking up. Riku as well as CoC will be releasing new music in the near future." The band is planning to tour Europe this Fall. The tour dates have not been announced yet.

Read the announcement on Facebook.

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This happened in 2011 Cardin! As you can hear on the new EP, they got someone much better!

I have heard that they have new vocalist but i'm not sure if it is true

Damn it. He was an awesome singer! I really hope they can find someone equally as bad-ass. This is not the news I wanted to see when CoC started hitting the headlines here again!

He's always been a big inspiration of mine, and he complimented the band so well!
Such a shame.