Cloudkicker releases remixed version of ']]][[['


Ben Sharp AKA Cloudkicker has released a remixed version of his 3-track EP ']]][[[', which was originally released in February this year. The new version is titled 'A New Heavenly Body' and the tracks have also received new titles. As with all his other releases, the EP can be downloaded for free from his Bandcamp page and is also available for streaming. A 'pay what you want' option is also available.

In an accompanying blog post, Ben Sharp explains that he remixed the EP in three days, using new monitors. About the new songtitles and artwork, he writes: "All are titles of chapters in Jules Verne’s 'From the Earth to the Moon'. Incidentally, the cover image is the Jules Verne Automated Transfer Vehicle disintegrating in the upper atmosphere on September 29, 2008."

Read the blog post on
Stream / download 'A New Heavenly Body' from Bandcamp.

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I put it on my iPod today and compared tracks. It's a lot clearer than the original. I like the changes. Really nice!


Nice. This version sounds a lot more lush and fuller than the other.

These tracks are pretty cool. Don't know why he made such weird titles in the first place but the remixed version sounds great Smile