The Contortionist vocalist talks about lineup change


Recently recruited The Contortionist vocalist Jonathan Carpenter has posted a statement on the band's Myspace and Facebook pages, clearing up some rumours about the band's change of vocalists. Their 2009 debut EP 'Apparition' featured Dave Hoffman on vocals, whereas the band's upcoming debut album 'Exoplanet' will feature Jonathan Carpenter. Read his full statement below.

"As we've released a few tracks, we're stoked to hear that people are digging them and are excited for the album! We would also like to address the fans that are curious about the lineup change and clear up any misconceptions.

Dave, a good friend of mine for about 4 years now and one of the sickest vocalists I know- had some personal issues come up that have unfortunately not allowed him to continue in TC. I had a month to rewrite an entire album, and then 2 and a half days to record it. The only way that I as a musician could approach a full-time music endeavor, was to write the material to fit my sound and style. So for those of you who prefer Dave, we're not trying to change your minds and I am certainly not trying to emulate or replace what he brought to the band. But I do implore you to at least give the album a few solid listens before making judgments on whether or not you are unhappy with the change.

As complicated and crazy as this past summer has been, I'm grateful for this opportunity and am looking forward to showing TC fans a progressive sound and more importantly- to show you our passion out on tour!


Read the bulletin on Myspace.
Read the bulletin on Facebook.

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john has inspired me more than anyone else ever has. i wish i could meet him or know more abut him. his lyrics blow my fucking mind and make me realize how pointless and stupid some vocalists lyrics are. i loved daves lyrics but oh my god... john must be a genius. and his sound is the best ive ever heard. EVER. so heavy, yet every single word, completely understood. ts flawless. ill die by the exoplanet album and i hope john never changes what he's doing. i cant stress enough how much the contortionist has impacted me musically.

Exoplanet blew my fucking mind. Jonathan has such a liquid scream with such a forceful delivery. Definitely my newest addiction. Amazing drumming, amazing guitar-work, and amazing vocals. I do, unfortunately, have to subtract points for less-than-inspired lyrics.

I'm still screaming along to them in my truck though lol

I am a fan of both vocalists, though I tend to like Jonathan's lyrics more. Definitely pumped for Exoplanet!

I remember checking out Apparition and not being into it at all, but Flourish sounds amazing. I guess this would explain Smile Looking forward to Exoplanet!