David Brown: 'Djentstep' metal dubstep playthrough video


David Brown has recently uploaded a playthrough video of a djent/dubstep genre mash called 'Djentstep' to his YouTube channel. The track can be downloaded for free on his SoundCloud page.

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i wish i could upvote your comment

Benanne: I feel the same way. This is a site about the acceptance of a sub genre that has yet to gain full ground in the major music world. Everyone should respect everyone else, it's like the r/trees of djent.

mysteriousdsf: got-djent.com is an open website, which accepts contributions from all registered users. Instead of complaining, you could have submitted the post yourself when you found it. Hell, you could have just submitted an update and then we'd have posted it. We are not omniscient and we do miss things sometimes, we're only human, after all. Generally the cutoff is four weeks; if we missed something and it's older than a month, we won't post it.

tl;dr: your attitude really pisses me off. Why don't you go ahead and contribute instead of complaining.

Without sounding too harsh here-- His overall attitude and body language/facial expressions REALLY bug me in this video. It's cool to have fun with your music and be into it-- but he just seems cocky. Cool song, not a fan of dub.


ppl starting to focus more on tone and tambre in the djent genre rather than the composition of music itself.


congrats, ur really fresh, I saw this apx. 3 weeks ago'

I'm all for this.