Djentival vol. II: line-up announced, new website launched


Chimp Spanner, Uneven Structure, The Algorithm, Determined, The Amentia and Clockworks were announced to play at this year's edition of Djentival, which will be held at Stadtmitte, Karlsruhe, Germany on May 18th. View the festival poster below. Additional information and tickets are available on the festival's new website.

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@ HB_Dad

guess you've forgot Destiny Potato

imo there's nothing wrong with it. it's one of the most remarkable stage names - way better than any "The (insert_adjective) of (insert_noun)" bands.

ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhh yeah =) can´t wait

Nice poster!

The band name "Chimp Spanner" is like the worst band name in a long time!

Let me guess... Its in Europe -_-