Euroblast festival: the aftermath


It's been a little over two weeks since the djent-themed 6th edition of Euroblast festival took place in Cologne, Germany. Many of you were there, and so were we of course! Because it was such a unique event, we thought it would be interesting for everyone involved to share their experiences. We asked all the bands that played the same set of questions, and we did a short interview with the festival organisers as well. You can find both interviews below, so read on. We would also like to hear how the fans experienced it, so let us know in the comments!

On our forums, we've been collecting photos, videos and stories from the festival. Find them here: would like to thank all the bands for answering our questions and of course for ripping it up on stage! We'd also like to thank John, Daniel and the rest of the Euroblast team for making all this possible. You guys are legends!

The Euroblast Festival vol.6 flyer / poster

The artists

Ten bands shared the stage at Euroblast Festival. They were, in order of appearance: Bloodspot, Syranic, Divine Temptation, Uneven Structure, Proghma-C, Eryn Non Dae., Aliases, Vildhjarta, Chimp Spanner and Monuments. We asked all of them a couple of questions about their festival experience.

How was the trip to the festival? Did you get home safely afterwards?

Bloodspot: The trip was pretty nice. We were still euphoric because we played a show an evening before in the Jazzkeller in Hofheim, which was pretty cool. Nice people and stuff. So everyone was in a good mood on our way to Köln. The funny thing was, our navigation system was a piece of crap so we missed the venue 3 times. Unfortunately we had to leave shortly after the show, because we got a second show to play this day. but the trip back home was fine.

Syranic: (Hendrik) We managed to drive to the complete opposite end of Cologne first and got stuck in traffic after that, but we still got at the venue in time, so no problem. After the festival we were so incredibly exhausted and tired. Completely sleepdrunk as we were, we sang "ape-style" to random songs from the radio. I guess a whole festival of random djent riffs kinda messes with your head. Laughing out loud
(Julian) I live 25 minutes away from the club and I returned home safely and had a sexy night with my babe. I definitely had some polyrhythmic orgasms that night Wink

Divine Temptation: (Christoph) 5 guys, 2 beer crates, 1 Ford Transit van…do your own math. Got home safely, though with insane blood cholesterol levels… There are a couple pics of our roadtrip on our Facebook!

Uneven Structure: It went well for all of us. Some just had a 300 km trip, others 1200 km and Christian came by plane. The 70€ fine for illegal parking was the cherry on the top of the cake.

Proghma-C: (Bober) It took us a while Wink Fourteen hours so it was quite devastating, but of course it was worth it.
(Kuman) We were armed with plenty of alcohol, therefore, the whole journey was not so tiring Wink

Eryn Non Dae.: We had the chance to make a stop half way through in Paris at some friend's who welcomed us, but we couldn't make up for our lost time of their being drunk so we finally went to sleep....
After the show we had a 15 hour van ride ahead of us, and some of us were supposed to go to work a few hours after our arrival, so it was quite epic but that was worth the blow!

Aliases: We made it home on petrol fumes and packed like sardines in the VW polo!! Two van let downs and epic ferry fails made this festival just that bit more special.... all this and Jay got a nice ride on a train with a croissant!!

Vildhjarta: Thirty hours on mounts was no fun, next time we'll use portals.

Chimp Spanner: It was good! Long, but good. Sharing an enclosed space with 5 other guys for 12 hours is...interesting...

Monuments: Trip was good, really enjoyed the festival, drive home felt alot longer than the drive there! Lucky for me those crazy Swedes in Vildhjarta bought me some Plopp chocolate for the journey. I ate it all...
Divine Temptation performing 'Lighthouse' - courtesy of powerofjedi

How did the show go? How did the crowd receive you?

Bloodspot: Except some technical problems, which were self indebted, the gig went very good. Due to the fact that we stepped in for FormFresser, it was obvious that we weren't the band for which the crowd was waiting for and also our style isn't really related to this certain djent-style. But we felt that the crowd was at least respecting us. What do you want more as a band? =)

Syranic: (Hendrik) We had a certain incident involving an unintentionally four-stringed bass, but apart from that it went pretty damn well. We had one of those crowd warm-up slots, so we were pretty happy with the number of people who already made it to the venue. Plus we got some great feedback after show.
(Julian) Yes it was a warm up slot but the crowd was really great. A lot of people really digged our show!

Divine Temptation: (Patrick) For me, this was one of our best gigs so far musically, and the crowd really seemed to dig what we did. In the presence of such popular bands as Uneven Structure, Vildhjarta or Chimp Spanner, this was very pleasant.

Uneven Structure: Stressful for some of us who just fouled the ground of a scene for their first time but it was a great time. The crowd was awesomely responsive and positive, we were stoked about their reaction, thanks gals and guys!

Proghma-C: (Bober) We hope so. Hope all of you liked it. We did our best. From our perspective the reaction was rather positive.
(Kuman) Suitable sound on stage, great audience. Everything was cool.

Eryn Non Dae.: For us the show was great. With the kind of music we play it's always hard to perceive what people are thinking when we play, but from what we've heard afterwards it seems that some people had enjoyed it. We knew that we were a bit out of place and not exactly in the djent slot from some points of view but it was a great moment for all of us!

Aliases: The show was awesome, a great reaction and awesome crowd, ok so we had none of our equipment and had to be saved by Monuments, Divine Temptation and Chimp Spanner so a massive thank you to those chaps!! Basically we had a killer first show!

Vildhjarta: Despite the lag, our instance party healer managed to keep our tank alive.

Chimp Spanner: Amazing! I'll always think I could've played a bit tighter or whatever but it felt great all the same. The crowd was awesome too - great vibe, and so welcoming. Germany rocks!!

Monuments: Show was really awesome, for both us and Chimp Spanner. We didn't get on stage till past midnight, but the crowd stuck around, watched the entire set and rocked out, was a great atmosphere.

Divine Temptation - courtesy of Red In The Sky photography

What was the highlight of the festival for you?

Bloodspot: For me, there was no special highlight. The whole event seemed to be planned very good, so we were able to lean back and just gather some impressions and experiences. It was nice to be able to swap ideas with other bands from an other genre or type of playing and from other countries. Was a lot of fun. And the backstage area was nice Wink

Syranic: (Hendrik) First I have to say I think the Euroblast crew as a whole did a remarkable job! My highlight of the evening was the performance of Monuments. That may have been the tightest show I have ever seen. Amazing stuff.
(Julian) The most intense thing was a guy who came all the way from slovenia just to see us on stage. That's like over 1000 kilometers by car man! I was really impressed when I heard that. Another highlight was Vildhjarta talking about the german description of diarrhea on stage - "Sprühwurst" which means spraysausage. I laughed my ass off...

Divine Temptation: (Johannes) The whole atmosphere at the Euroblast was very positive and relaxed. There was a lot of respect between the bands and all the people involved. So I'd say the entire festival itself was my highlight.
(Patrick) I'll have to chime in with Johannes on that one. As opposed to a lot of gigs I've played at, the atmosphere between all the bands was incredibly open and friendly, not your typical "let me see what you play and I'll tell you what you are" kind of thing. Everybody was really cool, and it was especially awesome to meet such a lot of people I have only known through the got-djent forum or chatroom so far, some for years even.

Uneven Structure: So much that could fit in there but we'll stick to hospitality and friendliness. It all went so smoothly backstage and frontstage, everyone was there to have fun, nothing more, nothing less.

Proghma-C: (Bober) Oh it was great. I'd been waiting especially for Eryn Non Dae., but all the bands were amazing.
(Kuman) Whole festival was great but I have very nice memories from the backstage afterparty Wink Short but intense. Unfortunately we had to come back quite quickly to Poland, so we couldn't stay longer. I hope that will be next time.

Eryn Non Dae.: It's going to sound quite weird, but the highlight for us was the whole feeling to be there and the exchanges with some people, that was our way to experience the Euroblast thing. Most of the bands were really high level, quite impressive!

Aliases: Cool people, cool bands and lots of alcohol to get the party going!!

Vildhjarta: Finding the legendary weapon, meeting the other guilds and the fight with the massive horde!

Chimp Spanner: The people! The other bands, guys and girls travelling from all over the place just to come and see us - we've all made some good friends through it.

Monuments: Definitely Proghma-C, never heard of them till the fesitival, their song writing is badass. Uneven Structure were also really great, their singer was spot on too, loved their set, grooved my ass off. Vildjharta, it was great to finally see them after being a fan for a long time, all the bands we're great though.
Aliases opening their first ever live show - courtesy of MarcBurnsThatBarn

Would you consider coming back to play at the next edition?

Bloodspot: Yeah why not?! Like I said, the atmosphere was nice and everybody was friendly. I enjoyed being there and I felt like there was taken good care of us. And I have to say, that it was a nice experience to listen to this djent-stuff. I love to listen to new stuff in general.

Syranic: (Hendrik) Are you kidding me? I wouldn't ever bother considering. Just name the date and I'll be there! Laughing out loud
(Julian) Yes man! We're ready that was an awesome festival.

Divine Temptation: (Collectively) In the blink of an eye!
(Christoph) If we don’t get invited, we’d likely play in front of the door.

Uneven Structure: yes, no doubt about it!

Proghma-C: (Kuman) With great pleasure.
(Bober) You bet we do. If we were invited our answer would be positive for sure.

Eryn Non Dae.: Absolutely! Who could say no?

Aliases: Hell yeah we would be well up for it!!

Vildhjarta: During the arena season we'll be gearing up for more battles, so why not?

Chimp Spanner: Most definitely - just tell me where and when!!

Monuments: Would love to!

Eryn Non Dae. - courtesy of StervendeWens

What did you think of Köln?

Bloodspot: I have been several times to Köln and I like the city. It radiates a nice cosy atmosphere and I think it is a beautiful city.

Syranic: (Julian) Hey I live there and it's beautiful, you guys should come along. We've got great beer, greet chicks and the Dutch border is just an hour away... google Dutch and weed and I am sure some guys will think this is paradise Wink

Divine Temptation: (Snake) It's a beautiful city, I was especially impressed by the cathedral!

Uneven Structure: We didn't have much time to wander around but as much as what we saw, the Cathedral is amazing and people seem to be chilled (kudos to the hostel's receptionist who improvised herself bar tender for the occasion).

Proghma-C: (Bober) Unfortunately we came to Köln only couple of hours before the festival which we spent sleeping. We saw only the cathedral and the venue Wink Anyway Koln seems to be a really nice and peaceful city.
(Kuman) I've heard a lot of good opinions about this city but as Bober said, we didn't have much time for sightseeing.

Eryn Non Dae.: That's our main disappointment, we didn't have time to see anything in Köln, quite deceiving... We only saw that huge cathedral, like everybody I guess, on our way back from the venue. That's also the reason why we have to come back as soon as we can... It's too disappointing to be in there and not see more of the town...

Aliases: The Cathedral was nice and there were other Gotham city like structures all around the place. The freaky puppet oom pa band we found in a pub were a bit out of order but thats what ya need! We didnt have much time to explore elsewhere but yup cool city.

Vildhjarta: The cathedral of SW was amazing, too bad we couldn't find time to skill more fishing.

Chimp Spanner: Loved it - I'm coming back after the tour I'm on at the moment just to take it all in properly. Such a different culture.

Monuments: Love the city, cathedral is mindblowing. Here again today playing the Essigfabrik with Winds of Plague, Stick To Your Guns and For Today, hopefully we'll see some familiar faces from Euroblast.

The Kölner Dom, the cathedral everyone's talking about.

How did it feel (not) to be the band with the most strings per member?

Bloodspot: Was a strange feeling in the beginning, because I had the feeling that were not belonging there. Second thing was, I didn't know any of the bands playing there excepting Syranic, which does not count, because they are friends of us. I was afraid, the crowd would listen to one song and then leave the room. But I was teached better. Like I mentioned above, they were not going crazy but they showed respect and were applauding and yes, that was a good feeling.

Syranic: (Hendrik) Haha, I was actually joking with my bandmates if we even meet the minimum number of strings per instrument for this event. I guess we're unworthy after all. Laughing out loud
(Julian) Felt good I love 6 stringguitars with C-tuning! No really I'm fine with that I don't need more strings on stage. But some bondage would be quite nice...

Divine Temptation: (Christoph) We usually keep loads of spare strings in our pockets, so thanks, it feels great to be the highliest strung band…Doesn’t exactly pay the rent, though Wink
(Patrick) What we lacked in djent, we made up for with the strings Wink

Uneven Structure: The question is how did it feel (not) to be the band with the heaviest string gauges!

Eryn Non Dae.: We are totally in peace with that! We know that it's not our trip! Haha! And i think that we were the band having the least strings per member! Quite impatient to see how many strings some will have at the next got djent edition...

Aliases: Hopefully Browne (Monuments) will read this and be happy I havent said what i normally say. More to the point we couldn't fit any more strings in the car!

Vildhjarta: Lucky for you we only used a summoned harp this time.

Chimp Spanner: Haha well I've been temporarily demoted to 7 strings down from 8, so I had some mild feeling of inadequacy going on Wink

Monuments: Actually i used an 8 string for 3 of the Monuments songs so I guess I was kind of up there. I tried and utilize as many of the strings as possible, think I kind of achieved it! It's fun to ride that low F though!


Bloodspot: What?

Divine Temptation: (Collectively) Without a doubt!

Uneven Structure: Thall

Eryn Non Dae.: I've seen a sticker with that word on it but don't know what it means... sorry... explain!

Aliases: Babbys yed and peas wet!

Vildhjarta: Thall

Chimp Spanner: I keep seeing this everywhere. I don't know what it means, but whatever it is, I'm down with it!

Monuments: Djent?

Any concluding remarks?

Bloodspot: Nice familiar festival! The organisers have done a great job! Would love to play there again!

Syranic: (Hendrik) Thanks to everybody who came to our show, thanks to the Euroblast crew for the great event, and thanks to for this interview! \\m//
(Julian) Djent fuckin rocks! This is a great scene already and it was a lot of fun to see all these cool bands on stage!

Divine Temptation: (Collectively) Euroblast 2010 was a truly fulfilling event, there was incredible music, incredibly open-minded people on and off stage and smooth organisation. Fresh and contemporary music is happening and we’re glad we could be a part of that. Cheers to John & the Euroblast staff as well as for having their fingers on the pulse of the time.

Uneven Structure: Thanks a lot to everyone who managed to get there, Euroblast team for their organisation and all the bands, especially the Vildhjarta guys for helping us out during that night, we owe you one.

Proghma-C: (Kuman) Of course. Stay Brutal!!!! Wink

Eryn Non Dae.: No remarks but a huge thanks to John, benanne, Joanna, the Euroblast and teams, and the others for that amazing moment. Long live and the Euroblast festival! Many thanks from the deepest of our heart.

Aliases: Bruno best get that mole costume. Nice one Got Djent catch you in a bit!

Vildhjarta: We thank our fellow warriors, the dungeon keepers and the horde for fighting this battle with us!

Chimp Spanner: Thanks to everyone who came along, and especially to all the people who worked through the day/night to put the show on. We love you guys!

Monuments: Smoke Weed Everyday!

The festival organisers

John Sprich and Daniel Schneider are the driving force behind Euroblast. For their sixth event, they decided to go with a 'djent' theme, which we thought was an excellent idea! They contacted us a while back to find out if we could help eachother out, and thus a fruitful partnership was born. We asked them a few questions as well, read on!

Djent is still a largely underground style of music. Do you just really really like loads of strings on guitars or was there a another reason behind organizing the "got-djent" edition?

It's about creating a platform for a new movement. Djent is a feeling, a network across the world, where the geographic borders don't really exist. All the bands are connected. Like never before you get sucked into the very rooms of all the djentlemen producing their stuff at home, with videos, blogs, and sounds (like Bulb, Chimp Spanner, Kevin Suter, Idoler, Keith Merrow and so on). So djent also seems to be something of individuals working their stuff out, jamming it and then often forging a band together while everybody watches it. Like a mass-tamagotchi you let it grow with your support Smile.

See all the projects that became bands over years... like TesseracT, for example. The Euroblast festival wants to honor those efforts and the endurance which is needed to connect with a bigger audience. For us it is a festival but with the feeling of a convention where all those people meet, who chat, mail or communicate on a daily basis over hundreds or even thousands of kilometers. Bringing the people together in the flesh for having the last piece falling into place, to make it complete face to face. Bands, Fans, Musicians, the team and many more...

The crowd was quite international despite the lack of a 'big name' on the bill. How many people turned up in the end? Do you know of any people that travelled very far?

It was a challenge to do it underground-style but in the end it turned out to be just great! We knew that we would attract just a very special audience of the progressive genre, but that's what it was all about! A multicultural meltdown! We had about 200 visitors, a lot of which came from abroad like from Latvia, the Netherlands, Slovakia, France, Greece, Belgium and Austria, which perfectly fits into the European vibe we love Smile

To our biggest surprise a guy from Latvia named Agris showed up in Cologne 2 weeks before the festival to get here in time and meet the crew! And in the end he was one of us Smile Big times Agris, thanks for your support!!

What were the logistical challenges in organizing a gig with so many international bands?

We actually were quite well prepared with some experiences we made with our previous Euroblast Festivals. But nevertheless it's always an adventure with all those bands on the road. It worked out very well and despite the awful parking situation and a difficult loading situation provided by the venue, it was all quite manageable Smile
Everybody was nice and thirsty, so in the end it was an easy job for us!

What was the craziest thing you had to deal with during the festival?

From our experience with the previous editions, every festival produces its own legends. This one involves a band from the UK, all their instruments. For their first gig ever they came over in a Volkswagen Polo. Need I say more? I also have very fond memories of an a capella jam session backstage with Monuments. These are things you don't see or rather hear everyday.

A large number of the bands playing were unsigned. Did you notice any label reps at the gig?

Over the past editions of the Euroblast Festival we recognised more and more label reps visiting our festival digging our goldmine Smile This time there also have been quite some label reps and definitely the most photographers ever on any Euroblast Festival yet.

Any bands you were particularly impressed with?

I was impressed for about 8 hours straight. With some moments of being totally blown away! In particular Proghma-C had this hypnotic sound which I think sucked a lot of people in, in a way they might not have expected before. Right from the beginning to the end it was just goddamn high quality progressive metal and ass-kicking djent! Yet no band exactly sounded like the other! How amazing is that?!

Do you have any plans for the next edition yet? Anything you can reveal already?

Yes, we are currently working on our "next level" Euroblast Festival next year, and we will stick with djent! It's like a very good relationship we definitely want to keep!!! So far it will happen end of May, but the line-up is still a secret... There will definitely be some musical highlights, though!! We will make an announcement soon, so stay tuned!!

All in all, what's the verdict? Would you call Euroblast Festival vol. 6 a success?

It was a real honor for us that we had the opportunity to invite so many awesome bands and getting such good feedback! We never expected that it would work out that well and we are proud of having brought some big names in the genre together on one stage! And for sure the djent community welded together a little more! This is what it made a huge success!!


I love the Vildhjarta guys! Those Swedish crusaders spreading the word (and stickers) about Thall. Thall seems to be their way of living, their attitude towards life!? For me Thall is the lifestyle which perfectly fits to djent. WE LISTEN TO DJENT, WE ARE THALL!

What's next?

The sixth edition of Euroblast festival was without a doubt the first event of its kind, and judging from the enthusiastic reactions of the bands, the fans and the organisers, it definitely won't be the last. Djent is reaching a wider audience than ever before, and this evolution shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. With the recently announced 'League Of Extraordinary Djentlemen' tour and several other interesting shows, tours and festivals coming up, the scene is more alive than ever.

The team had a blast! What about you? Were you there? Who were your favourite band of the evening? Are you coming back next time? What bands would you like to see on the bill then? Let us know in the comments!

We hope to see every one of you at Euroblast festival vol. 7 in May next year!

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