Euroblast Festival band competition: the results


Band competition: the results

Last Tuesday we closed the polls for the Euroblast Festival band competition. The stakes were high: the winning band gets to play at the festival! We've taken some time to count the votes and we are now ready to announce the winner.

First, we would like to thank all the bands that participated. We had a very nice mix of bands, and we were pleasantly surprised by the overall quality of the submitted music. The number of candidates was an order of magnitude larger than we had expected, which posed some problems initially, but in the end it all seems to have worked out.

Second, we would also like to thank all the fans that took the time to vote for their favourites. over 1400 votes were cast! And finally, we would like to thank the Euroblast Festival team for making this competition possible.

Now, onto the results! Let's get straight to the point. The top 10 can be viewed below. Recall that each voter could select a shortlist of up to 5 bands, where the first band in the list would get 5 points, the second would get 4 points, and so on. This means that each voter could hand out 15 points in total. We have included the total number of points that the bands have received in the list.

  1. Shattered Skies - 1064 points

  2. Nexus - 912 points

  3. Tardive Dyskinesia - 543 points

  4. The Helix Nebula - 539 points

  5. No Consequence - 491 points

  6. Custom Made Noise - 430 points

  7. The Interbeing - 420 points

  8. Rxyzyxr - 403 points

  9. Machinist - 353 points

  10. Modern Day Babylon - 338 points

Congratulations to Shattered Skies!

They'll be sharing the stage with Textures, Mnemic, TesseracT, Vildhjarta and many others at this year's edition of Euroblast Festival!

Out of curiosity, we also decided to find out what would happen if only votes cast by users registered before July 5th were counted. Although these results are unofficial, they reflect the opinion of the users more accurately, seeing as many new users have signed up specifically to cast a vote. The top 10 is then as follows:

  1. Shattered Skies - 278 points
  2. Rxyzyxr - 254 points
  3. The Helix Nebula - 226 points
  4. No Consequence - 223 points
  5. Absent Distance - 194 points
  6. The Interbeing - 191 points
  7. Machinist - 190 points
  8. We Are The Illusion - 164 points
  9. Determined - 124 points
  10. Modern Day Babylon - 106 points

So that's that. We hope to see you all in Cologne, Germany on October 21st!

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Nexus's marketing campaign was definitely the most thorough Laughing out loud Shattered Skies also did a very good job at that, but in addition they also had a lot of support in these circles already. I think that's what made the difference in the end Smile

5.Shattered skies

Absent Distance !

i voted for
1.the interbeing
2.hord consequence
4.breach the void
5.logical terror

i would have given some points to shattered skies though but i didnt look at the bands carefully enough when i voted Laughing out loud but definitely the interbeing were my favorites,but im not sad about being able to see shattered skies too Smile


Yes we did it. I posted some time in the forums but we are not in the database because we are not considered djent (we are not bandwagon jumpers so to speak) We have obtained all the votes on the social network used here in Spain wich is called "Tuenti", you can only access by invitation and it's only in Spanish so...

We thought it would be a good opportunity to let the people know here in Spain about this community/festival (and for ourselves too obviously) and well, our song wasn't that bad I think! Smile

Tell me still that Shattered Skies didn't spammed the whole place with 1064 votes. MY GOD. But hey, that's how it is. Congratulations to them, their music is very good!

Looks like Nexus spammed the whole page down with new accounts; They aren't even in de database, before the 5th of june they weren't even in the top 10 en now they end up at the second place with 912 points? Hmm...