Euroblast festival: final wave of bands announced


The Euroblast Collective has announced thirteen more names for the 8th edition of Euroblast festival, which will take place in Cologne, Germany on October 19th, 20th and 21st. The line-up is now complete. Watch the announcement video below, or click through to YouTube for better quality.

In addition to the 32 names that were announced in the first and second waves, the following bands will be performing at the festival:

Long Distance Calling (DE)
After The Burial (US)
Skyharbor (IN)
Agent Fresco (IS)
Scale The Summit (US)
Sybreed (CH)
Destiny Potato (RS)
Shattered Skies (IE)
Vectors (ES)
Betraeus (UK)
Eleonore (DE)
The Amentia (DE)
Halo in Pause (DE)

After The Burial and Skyharbor are both playing their only 2012 shows in Europe at the festival.

The following bands were already announced earlier:

Jeff Loomis (US)
Monuments (UK)
Vildhjarta (SE)
Chimp Spanner (UK)
The Algorithm (FR)
Red Seas Fire (UK)
Neosis (CH)
Hacktivist (UK)
Exivious (NL)
No Consequence (UK)
Modern Day Babylon (CZ)
Stealing Axion (US)
Panzerballett (DE)
CiLiCe (NL)
Means End (SE)
C.B Murdoc (SE)
Deus.exe (DE)
Monophonist (DE)
NightShade (FR / US)
Destrage (IT)
Uneven Structure (FR)
The Interbeing (DK)
Akeldama (US)
Synthetic Breed (AU)
In-Quest (BE)
Joncofy (UA)
Humanity's Last Breath (SE)
Nexus (ES)
Animals As Leaders (US)
Scar Symmetry (SE)
TesseracT (UK)
Circle of Contempt (FI)

3-day tickets for the festival are now available for purchase from the festival website.

Skyharbor have also posted up a video about their 2012 Europe exclusive appearance at the festival, watch it below.

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We will see who will do the Tesseract set but I am sure they would even crush if they play instrumental.
I am always available for you lads and ladies and of cource positive or negative feedback via

I just about cried when i saw that name! Who is gonna be their singer?! Is Elliot still with them for now?!

They were among the first bands to be announced Smile

Am I seeing things or was Tesseract in that lineup?! I dont remember seeing them in the other vids but it says they were already announced??? Please tell me its true!

No Aliases Sad

I reckon it's because Meshuggah are already touring Europe in November, so it'd be a tad redundant from their point of view. Really looking forward to seeing Agent Fresco, incredible band.

Yeah no Meshuggah, but I'm sure Euroblast did everything to get them. Still, line-up is uber amazing so big props to everyone involved in organizing this festival monster, looking forward to it. Smile

ffs, just when I thought it would be more or less the same procedure as every year, you throw in one of the coolest new bands on this planet.

Fucking Agent Fresco!!

Seems like I'll have to think about not going again...

Edit: still majorly disappointed about no Gojira or Meshuggah

Long Distance Calling, sucky? LMAO. QQ more please.

Really? Long Distance Calling?
A sucky type of Post Metal?