Euroblast festival: first wave of bands announced


The Euroblast Collective has announced the first twelve names for the 8th edition of Euroblast festival, which will take place in Cologne, Germany on October 19th, 20th and 21st. Watch the announcement video below, or click through to YouTube for better quality.

The following bands will be performing at the festival:

These are also the answers to the quiz that the festival organisers set up. One person guessed all twelve bands correctly and wins two festival tickets. About 30 more bands are yet to be announced. A limited run of 100 early bird tickets are currently available for purchase from the festival website.

In conjunction with the festival organisers, we are currently conducting a survey about the djent demographic. If you've got ten minutes to spare, help us out by taking it! Participants have a chance to win a pair of festival tickets, a signed copy of Vildhjarta's debut album, or a T-shirt. The survey ends on May 24th.

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6 years 5 weeks ago
6 years 5 weeks ago


That was a pretty sick cover. I don`t think I`ve come across such a good full band cover of this song before.

Check out the In-Quest interpretation of Meshuggah's Corridor of Chameleons! enjoy...

I knew it was browne. My boy.


Check the video description Smile It's by John Browne, but it's not Monuments.

what song is playing in the video?

i still dont have any clue what is the quiz questions connection with the interbeing and joncofy ,i would had never guessed them Laughing out loud

Sounds excellent!
Too bad I can't and probably will never be able to go.
Living in Alaska sucks sometimes.

These are all great bands! Stoked for the homies in Circle Of Contempt and Humanity's Last Breath!

Euroblast, I think that feeling is mutual Tongue

Circle of Contempt! Good thing my tickets are ordered already Laughing out loud

Yeah, just ordered my tickets Smile

Woot! Already schweet bands up in this bitch. Uneven Structure, Interbeing, Synthetic Breed, Joncofy, AAL, TesseracT, Circle of Contempt and fucking SCAR SYMMETRY!

I hope I can come Laughing out loud

Dis gon' be gud. Nice mix of established and up-and-coming bands Smile Particularly looking forward to seeing Joncofy.

i totally love that vid. the whole visuals just fit djent so nicely.

Here we go!!!

We love you!!!