Euroblast festival: medley available


The organisers of Euroblast festival have published a medley featuring excerpts of several tracks from each of the artists that will be performing at the upcoming edition of the festival, totalling over half an hour. It is available on SoundCloud, listen below. Euroblast festival vol. 7 will take place in Cologne, Germany on October 21st-22nd. This year's lineup features Mnemic, Textures, TesseracT and Vildhjarta, among others.

Listen to the medley on the Euroblast festival website.

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Hah, of course Smile yea I didn't realise it was monuments because normally there are vocals on that part Smile
thx for the reply!


Its not Vildhjarta. The song at 6:11 is The Uncollective by Monuments

Can anyone help me with the name of the Vildhjarta song starting at 6:11? This song gets epic at 6:26?


Click the link below the embedded player to go to the soundcloud page where you can see

And now I have to look through all the "related bands" because they aren't in the playing order...-.-


Hey, what was the band with the Romanian style folk solo? That was sick!!!

Why is the Monuments track a rip of John Browne's playthrough of The Uncollective? Haha.
And correct me if i'm wrong but Uneven Structures part sounds like a newer version of Frost?