Euroblast festival: second wave of bands announced


The Euroblast Collective has announced twenty more names for the 8th edition of Euroblast festival, which will take place in Cologne, Germany on October 19th, 20th and 21st. Watch the announcement video below, or click through to YouTube for better quality.

In addition to the 12 names that were announced earlier, the following bands will be performing at the festival:

Jeff Loomis (US)
Monuments (UK)
Vildhjarta (SE)
Chimp Spanner (UK)
The Algorithm (FR)
Red Seas Fire (UK)
Neosis (CH)
Hacktivist (UK)
Exivious (NL)
No Consequence (UK)
Modern Day Babylon (CZ)
Stealing Axion (US)
Panzerballett (DE)
CiLiCe (NL)
Means End (SE)
C.B Murdoc (SE)
Deus.exe (DE)
Monophonist (DE)
NightShade (FR / US)
Destrage (IT)

The following twelve names were already announced last month:

The festival will feature around 40 bands, so about 8 names are yet to be announced. 3-day tickets for the festival are now available for purchase from the festival website.

UPDATE: travel information is now available on the festival website.

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6 years 19 weeks ago
6 years 19 weeks ago


So glad im moving to Sweden in august! I will definately make it to Euroblast!

What about AFTER THE BURIALl???
I´ve heard the will play an exclusive show in Germany this fall, but I can´t find any infos about that! -.-
Coulde definitely be a rumour for the upcoming Euroblast Announcement, I guess.

Periphery? Where art thou? If they should join in this epic Germany quest, than this man's fate is sealed.

Oh yeahh, in my mind I was still thinking Steph was in the band.

I was still under the belief that Exivious was over -- cool to see they are back at it (minus Stef)!

Why can't they bring this to the U.S and call it "Ameriblast" ?? Killer Fuckin Line-Up, I can't even come close to thinking of that much talent on 1 Stage in the History Of Metal !!

Yeah, I'm bummed too.
Living up here in Alaska really ruins my total desire to attend these festivals.

That's an awesome way to explain your excitement.

benanne hurt my feelings :<

At least Panzerballett are among the returning bands, their's was the best gig in 2011 \m/

We will always have between 10-25% returning Bands. It adds to the Family vibe, it allows the bands to meet again and spend quality time together Smile. It's also amazing to see the development of some bands over the years.

*punches TGP in his feelings*

*pets benanne*

Its gonna be my first time going to EB, and I`m glad that`ll get a chance to see some old ones.

I count 7 returning bands out of 32 so far. But I suppose the other 25 bands aren't worthwhile? Tongue

Hey cool, lets have the same bands play at the Euroblast over and over again...

Ummmmmmm.... I just jizzed my pants. You lucky people. *Shakes Fist*

Oh nice, they even got Destrage. Those guys are awesome. I so hope I'll make it this time. Still want to punch myself for not being able to attend last year.

It's a song by John Browne of Monuments. The Euroblast guys might release it some time soon (if their first-wave youtube-teaser get's 10.000 views if I remember correctly...).

I'm so glad I bought an early bird Laughing out loud can't wait for the other bands to be announced...
what song is that awesome guitar-riff from?

Excellent selection of bands. Now I'm waiting for the last announcement (announcements?) to finish me like if this was Mortal Komat

Thank you for doing this!!! thats why we do it. We want you to believe in us Smile

Not regretting having bought Early Bird tickets AT ALL!

UKTMF is cooool! And has 13 bands playing that played last Euroblast Wink

Lol that's like 80% of the UK Tech Fest line up that I'm also attending.