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The Euroblast team has announced a tentative time schedule for this year's djent-themed 6th edition of Euroblast festival, taking place in Cologne, Germany on October 23rd. View it below. As we announced earlier, NightShade unfortunately had to cancel and will be replaced by Proghma-C.

16:00 - FormFresser
16:45 - Syranic
17:30 - Divine Temptation
18:25 - Uneven Structure
19:10 - Proghma-C
20:10 - Eryn Non Dae.
21:15 - Aliases
22:10 - Vildhjarta
23:00 - Chimp Spanner
23:45 - Monuments

Because the festival is less than 3 weeks away, we figured this is the right time to do an in-depth post about it. Below, you'll find more information about the location, tickets, travelling, staying overnight, and of course the bands that are playing. Read on!


Euroblast is an indoor festival (October can be quite chilly already). The festival will take place in Cologne, Germany. Cologne (Köln in German) is Germany's fourth largest city, and also one of its oldest. It is located in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, in the west of the country, near the borders with Belgium and the Netherlands.

The venue itself is called 'Bogen 2', and is located in the very centre of the city. The full address is Trankgasse 20, 50667 Cologne, Germany. It is located between Cologne's main train station (Köln Hbf, Cologne Central Station) and a railway bridge over the river Rhine called the Hohenzollernbrücke (Hohenzollern bridge). View some pictures below. The venue is only a five minute walk away from the train station.

The venue's location, between the train station and the railway bridge

Cologne Central Station

Hohenzollernbrücke over the river Rhine

Because the station is nearby, coming by train is a very good option. International trains like Eurostar and Thalys have stops in Cologne Central Station.

If you're coming from farther away, you can fly to Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN), which is the closest by. Düsseldorf Airport (DUS) is a bit farther away, but there are direct trains to Cologne, leaving from the station at the airport itself.

If you're coming by car, be aware that parking in the city centre can be a bit of an issue. Come prepared! A multitude of Autobahns cross through Cologne, so getting there shouldn't be a problem.

More information is available in Wikitravel's travel guide for Cologne.


Festival tickets cost EUR 20 (about GBP 17.50, USD 28.00 at the time of writing).

The easiest and cheapest option is to buy them through PayPal from the Euroblast website. The site is in German, but just click the 'Jetzt kaufen' button and it should all be clear from there. When you use this method, you do not get an actual ticket, but your name is put on a list. To get in, you will have to show an ID, so don't forget to bring it!

You can also get tickets from You will get a physical ticket, but you will also have to pay shipping costs.


There are a few affordable hostels in the vicinity of the venue: the Station Hostel is only a few hundred meters away. The Pathpoint Hostel is located at 10 minutes' walking distance of the venue. More hostels in Cologne can be found at

A discussion about places to stay is currently going on on our forums. Perhaps you can also find some people to share a room with over there.


Next to the band's merchandise, you will also be able to get your own logo shirt at the festival. View a mockup of the design below. Only 50 of these were printed, so to make sure that you get yours, you can preorder one and pick it up at the festival. If you're not coming to the festival, you can preorder a shirt as well and it will be shipped at a later date. More information and ordering instructions are available here. If you don't want to preorder, they will also be available at the merch stand.


16:00 - FormFresser
FormFresser will be opening the festival. They are a fairly new local band, based in Cologne itself, and their Myspace page doesn't feature any music yet. Nevertheless, make sure to get there early enough to check them out and support them, as their lineup features one of the festival's organisers!

FormFresser on Myspace

16:45 - Syranic
Next up is another local band, based in the nearby city of Aachen, Germany. The band released their debut EP 'The Windscale Inception' in July, and they are currently working on their debut full-length album. Their Myspace page features two songs from the EP, as well as a preproduction version of a new track 'Yalda' that will be featured on the album.

Syranic on Myspace
Syranic on Facebook

17:30 - Divine Temptation
Divine Temptation originate from Innsbruck, Austria. These guys have been at it for a while, but it was only recently that their music started to veer into the realms of djent. The band are currently working on a new full-length album. Their Myspace page contains some teaser tracks with new material, as well as some tracks off their 2009 album 'Sin'.

Divine Temptation on Myspace
Divine Temptation on Facebook

18:25 - Uneven Structure
France-based Uneven Structure are no new name in the djent scene. Resulting from a collaboration between Igor 'Eggeh' Omodei and Aurélien 'worC' Pereira, these guys impressed everyone with the release of their debut EP '8' last year. Don't bother with Myspace, grab their EP for free and listen to it in full quality! The band are currently working on their debut full-length album 'Februus'. Their performance at Euroblast festival will be their live debut, so don't miss it.

Uneven Structure on Myspace
Uneven Structure on Facebook
Download the '8' EP from
Watch our video interview with Uneven Structure

19:10 - Proghma-C
Replacing NightShade at the last minute, Proghma-C are a Polish progressive metal band whose tunes obviously have that 'Polish progressive metal' vibe going on. What sets them apart from their fellow countrymen is groove, and lots of it. The band released their debut album 'Bar-Do Travel' about a year ago. Check out a couple of tracks from the album on their Myspace page.

Proghma-C on Myspace
Proghma-C on Facebook

20:10 - Eryn Non Dae.
Eryn Non Dae. are another French band. They were added to the lineup only recently, after TesseracT indicated that they would not be able to play. Although their style of music is quite different, they are definitely a worthy replacement, and their debut album 'Hydra Lernaia' was well-received. Check out their Myspace to listen to some tracks off this album, as well as some older material.

Eryn Non Dae. on Myspace
Eryn Non Dae. on Facebook
Watch our video interview with Eryn Non Dae.

21:15 - Aliases
Aliases, based in the UK, are also fairly new to the scene. However, their lineup features ex-SikTh guitarist Graham 'Pin' Pinney, so many of you will already know what to expect from these guys (and girl). So far they've only put out one track, which you can listen to on their Myspace page. They will also be playing their first gig at the festival.

Aliases on Myspace
Aliases on Facebook

22:10 - Vildhjarta
If you haven't heard of Vildhjarta by now, you must be living under a rock. Either that, or this is your first visit to this site. The Swedes have been working on their debut album 'Irreversible' for a while now, but up until now we've only heard a couple of teasers. Check them out on their Myspace page, together with some older tracks. Hopefully they'll demonstrate some new material at the festival. Thall!

Vildhjarta on Myspace
Vildhjarta on Facebook

23:00 - Chimp Spanner
One of the pioneers of 'bedroom metal', Paul Ortiz from Colchester, UK was making djenty music long before 'djent' was a thing. However, it was his 2009 album 'At the Dream's Edge' that really put him on the map, and lead to him being picked up by Basick Records. He is currently working on his third full-length album, and he's uploaded quite a few teasers to his Myspace page so far. He will be playing his second gig ever at the festival, aided by the guys from Monuments, who will function as his live band.

Chimp Spanner on Myspace
Chimp Spanner on Facebook

23:45 - Monuments
UK-based Monuments rose from the ashes of Fellsilent, after the latter called it quits earlier this year. The band are working on their debut album, which they hope to finish by the end of this year. Two songs are available on their Myspace page. They will be headlining the festival, with Paul Ortiz joining them as a stand-in guitarist.

Monuments on Myspace
Monuments on Facebook


View the festival Flyer below. Be advised that this still contains the old line-up - NightShade have had to cancel in the meantime, and are being replaced by Proghma-C.

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