Euroblast festival X band competition: vote for your favourite bands!


Euroblast festival X band competition: vote now!

The polls are open for the Euroblast festival band competition! 20 bands are competing for a spot on the lineup. The winner will get to play at the festival! If you don't have festival tickets yet, get them here. Check out the Euroblast crowdfunding campaign as well!

The poll will close on Monday, August 25th, so make sure to vote before then! To keep things interesting, we will post intermediate rankings after two days and after four days into the vote!

Voting instructions can be found on the poll page.

Good luck to all participants!

UPDATE: We've been having some email problems due to the increased volume brought on by the competition. They should now be fixed! If you signed up and are still waiting for your signup email, please use the 'Request new password' link in the sidebar on the front page to have it resent. It should work now! Our sincerest apologies for this inconvenience!

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Novelists on side stage? Really ? o.O lol