Euroblast Jingle Contest winner announced


The Euroblast Collective has chosen a jingle to use for the announcements of the upcoming 9th edition of Euroblast festival, from 31 entries. It took a little longer than originally planned, but of course this is an important decision, which should not be rushed. Here's what they had to say:

It was a very hard decision to pick the winner, because there were a lot of amazing submissions and we debated a long time. But now, we are very happy to announce the jingle of Joncofy as our pick for the upcoming Euroblast Festival Trailer!!!

Thank your all for your effort and such amazing results and many thanks to!
Keep your eyes open for the next announcements coming soon!!

The results are as follows:

1. Joncofy from Ukraine

2. Nexus from Spain

3. Near from Norway

Check out all 31 entries in the playlist below:

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I'm pretty satisfied with the end result of the jingle, so maybe I'll try to use in future material for Nexus. It will be a question of expanding the idea and seeing if it fit 's a song or a concept. We'll see! Smile

By the way, congratulations to Joncofy!

My favourites were Nexus, Concatenate and Near, iirc, so I'm pretty happy with the outcome Smile A lot of the stuff I heard was really good, I hope to hear the material on some of their releases at some point in the future Smile

Here are my top three in no particular order:
Steeves's Euroblast Djingle

thanks! and don't worry that clipping is only on youtube video. Some shitty volume overload took a place during rendering the vid. sorry about that.

great pick. but i hope they remix/remaster it a little. there´s some bad clipping going on at 1:04. sorry for nit picking. still nicely written.