Exclusive: album version of Disperse's song 'Unbroken Shiver'


We're exclusively premiering the album version of 'Unbroken Shiver', taken from Disperse's upcoming sophomore effort 'Living Mirrors'. Listen below. Watch in HD for better sound quality! The album is due for release on February 15th (February 19th in the US), via Season of Mist. It is currently available for pre-order.

Watch in HD for better sound quality!

Polish progressive metallers Disperse have been around since 2007. The band recorded their debut full-length album 'Journey Through the Hidden Gardens' when lead guitarist / guitar prodigy Jakub Żytecki was just 16 years old, and released it in April 2010.

At the same time, Jakub started experimenting with the emerging 'djent' sound, still a fairly obscure phenomenon back then, and shared some instrumental solo material on the internet. He quickly garnered a loyal following within this growing scene, where he became a much sought-after guest musician due to his impressive playing. His solos can be heard on the albums of Ovid's Withering, Warp Prism, David Maxim Micic, Above The Earth and Soul Cycle, among others.

In less than a month, the band are releasing their sophomore full-length album 'Living Mirrors' which incorporates these newfound influences, as well as the lush soundscapes and prog aesthetics of their previous work.

'Unbroken Shiver' was previously released online as the first track to showcase the band's new sound. The album version, which we are premiering today, showcases the band's growth since they started to veer in this new, groovy direction. Have a listen!

The band performed at Euroblast festival two times consecutively in 2011 and 2012, and at UK Tech Metal Fest last year as well. These well-received performances further cemented their position as part of the ever-expanding djent scene.

'Living Mirrors' is due for release on February 15th (February 19th in the US), via Season of Mist, and can now be pre-ordered. View the tracklisting and other album details below.

1. Dancing with Endless Love (instrumental)
2. Enigma of Abode
3. Profane the Ground
4. Prana (instrumental)
5. Message from Atlantis
6. WOW! (instrumental)
7. Universal Love
8. Be Afraid of Nothing (instrumental)
9. Unbroken Shiver
10. Touching the Golden Cloud
11. Butoh (instrumental)
12. Choices Over Me
13. AUM

Recording line-up
Jakub Żytecki: guitars, background vocals
Rafał Biernacki: vocals, keyboards
Marcin Kicyk: bass
Przemysław Nycz: drums

Currrent line-up
Jakub Żytecki: guitars
Rafał Biernacki: vocals, keyboards
Wojciech Famielec: bass
Maciej Dzik: drums

Disperse's Official website
Disperse on Facebook
Pre-order the album from e-shop.season-of-mist.com.
Check out our video interview with the band from Euroblast vol. 7 (2011)

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Nice Vocals, Lots Of Layers \m/

I love the fact that Disperse is in "top rated headlines" next to Vildhjarta & Meshuggah Laughing out loud


Fucking love it! Laughing out loud



Sounds great! Bummed there are are 5 instrumentals on the album but hopefully they are short and the real songs are much longer.

Jakub Zytecki kicking so much ass as always. This album is going to be amazing.

Ok, I believe it will be possible to get THIS album in Poland... Otherways I'll go nuts...

Move along you old fucks, here's the forefront of a new generation of prog!