Exclusive: Annex Theory's 'Process Existence' EP streaming in full


Canadian tech metallers Annex Theory, featuring ex-Quo Vadis vocalist Trevor Birnie, are releasing their new EP 'Process Existence' soon. We're exclusively streaming the EP this week, check it out below.

The EP will be released on June 16th. The band will play a release show that day at The Zoo in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. 30 people who show up will receive a limited run physical copy of the EP.

The streaming has ended.

The 4-track EP was mixed and mastered by Travis Montgomery of Threat Signal and Nociceptor. Read on to find out what they have to say about it.

Vocalist Trevor Birnie: "This EP basically is where our musical heads are at right now. Travis did a monster job mixing and mastering it, and I think that the sound we always wanted to achieve with Annex Theory has been achieved on the EP. This is the kind of stuff we’re proud to show anyone asking what we sound like.We decided to give this EP away for free as well as both a gift to our longtime fans and as a way to hopefully lure in some new fans!"

Regarding the Rush cover (track 4 on the EP): "When I was in highschool, an old teacher of mine turned me onto Rush and they have stuck with me ever since then. I always wanted to cover this song because I loved it musically, but also because I think the lyrics are really powerful. I was an outcast in my youth, and I think a lot of us were. Those lyrics really helped me get through those times and I guess this cover is our way of saying ‘thanks’ to Rush for such a powerful song."

Travis Montgomery: "I've been friends with Annex Theory since the beginning, and helped mix demos of theirs. They just keep getting better and better. Definitely a band to keep an eye out for!"

Drummer Adam Jefkins, who also designed the artwork: "The concept behind the album art is to portray a reality of Universal connection, while still trying to look badass and cool. At first you’ll notice below our logo an ancient symbol of sacred geometry called ‘The Flower of Life’, thought to be the creation pattern of everything in existence. It’s believed that everything in our universe such as nebulas, atoms, protons, consciousness and music comes from this pattern. It’s been found all around the world and no matter what language, religion or year, it’s always had the same name, The Flower of Life.

Because of all this, I found it to be an ideal graphic to portray the title of our EP 'Process Existence'. I incorporated an image of Earth behind it to convey and enforce the idea that everything on our planet is tied together and connected. The background is comprised of several different subtle images using Nebulas, circuit boards and fractals. Nebulas are huge clouds of dust, hydrogen, helium and other gasses which are most often supplied by a Super Nova (exploded star). This is where everything we know in the physical world was born, including us. Again, stressing on being connected to everything. The circuit board was incorporated to provide a kind of digital feel, leading to a thought of a potential Matrix reality. A fractal (pattern which continues itself in itself forever) was put in behind the earth because I believe them to be a perfect example of infinite. When they’re realized, the mind can’t help but feel the universe is infinitely small as it is large."

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