Exclusive: Hypno5e music video for 'Story Of The Eye'


We're exclusively premiering French progressive metallers Hypno5e's new music video, for their song 'Story Of The Eye'. Watch it below, or click through to YouTube for better quality. The song is taken from their sophomore album 'Acid Mist Tomorrow', which is out now on Seasons of Mist and available for purchase from their Bandcamp page. The video was directed by the band's lead vocalist / guitarist Emmanuel Jessua.

Purchase 'Acid Mist Tomorrow' from Bandcamp.
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5 years 50 weeks ago


Wow, this is interesting. And by interesting I mean good. And by good I mean awesome. The song is like a journey.

I love this band and album! I pre-ordered the imported copy as soon as they went up back in January! LOVE IT!

EDIT: Not digging the video but the music is pretty really good.

Des Deux l'une est L'autre is still one of my favorite album of all time. You just can't go wrong with this band. Pure awesome!

Yes <3
Recent French Metal scene is really amazing!

This is pure awesomeness. The album's going to end up in my top 5 releases of the year, no matter what Smile