Exclusive: instrumental version of Innerty's debut streaming in full


French experimental metal band Innerty are gearing up to release their debut album 'Tabula Rasa' on Bandcamp on January 19th. Two weeks ago, we streamed the whole album in full for two days. Today, we're doing the same for the instrumental version of the album. Check it out below.

The streaming has ended.

Physical copies will be made available at a later date, in the form of a double album with the regular and the instrumental version included. The album was co-produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Eddy Dorigny of Fromtape Records. About the reason for releasing an instrumental version, the band had this to say:

"During the recording and mixing sessions, we got so many versions of mixes, premixes, premasters, with vocals here, there, not there, this way, this other way, that three digits weren't enough to name the files. There was this afternoon, a fucking cold one, like icecube-toes cold, where we sat down and one of us just went: "I want a goddamn instrumental version of this thing." And the light just... went on; and the toes weren't cold anymore and then the goosebumps and... well, you get it.

Another hairy one of us, with a mouthful of some kind of donkey salami that rendered his words so French they would've been typed in blue red and white, just went "why don't we just, you know, release an instrumental version as well!" We had that chemical feeling that people maybe probably felt when the big Guy's son hollered "I'm back, bitches" after his three days vacation. We were pretty much convinced by the idea. There were so many tiny little details, just a 16th ride here, a little harmonic here, a tiny legato there, that were sometimes eclipsed by the power of the vocals, that we were pretty confident this would please little geeks like us who are into this nutty level of nerdiness.

Plus it'd please our dads. They're always saying "why do people pay to be yelled at by a crazy guy in a band for 52 minutes!" Well, here you go pa, no more yelling.

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This is fucking exactly what I wanted to hear. Cant believe more people haven't heard this, the whole album is fantastic I had to listen to it all the way through couldn't stop haha

this shit is great...not sure I wanna hear it with vox