Exclusive: the League of Extraordinary Djentlemen interview


Some of the biggest names in the djent scene were touring the UK and Europe earlier this month, so got-djent.com teamed up with ProgHippie.com to interview them. All of them. Together.

Here it is: the League of Extraordinary Djentlemen interview, featuring Periphery, TesseracT, Monuments, Chimp Spanner and The Safety Fire. We talk about the tour and the djent scene, and test their knowledge about it a little. Our first live video interview, so go easy on us. Enjoy!

The two-part interview was recorded in HD, so click through to YouTube for better audio and video quality. Subtitles in English are available. Unfortunately, TesseracT had to leave early to sound check.



Find this and more interviews on the got-djent.com YouTube channel.

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Hilarious guys - love it


Thanks! It was an awesome experience Smile As benanne said next time will be better Wink

Thanks guys Smile I think there's room for improvement, as you can probably tell it was the first time we did this. We've learned a lot though, the next one is going to be even better Cool

awesome job bennane & StervendeWens!

really well conducted

Really well conducted interview.

The london gig was sick !

Love dat shit!

great interview, and the intro was just siick

Hell yeah! This is the best interview ever!

P.S. Misha is just hilarious Smile