Exclusive: Nemertines' 'Izverg' streaming in full (updated)


Sabrina Scissor of Russian one-man experimental project Nemertines is preparing to unleash his latest release, 'Izverg', on 24th June. Before that, however, we will be exclusively streaming the record in its entirety for 48 hours! Check it out below.

Nemertines' last album, 'SCD', was released earlier this year and is still available for streaming and purchase from his Bandcamp page.

UPDATE: The album is now available for purchase and streaming from Bandcamp.

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I tried to like it...I really did.

meshugjarta! awesomely horrible

First couple of seconds of Heretic kinda reminds me of Meshuggah's Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave it Motion.

This music makes me feel so dirty an uncomfortable. "Heretic" is gonna be the new soundtrack to my nightmares. Sabrina is so awesome for being able to make music this haunting.

Awesomely abhorrent.

Really like that !

and he does it again

Really liked this, my first time to listening to Nemertimes properly I think, or I may be getting them confused with nevermore.

how does that last song have so little plays?!!?!?

Well this is just my favorite day ever!!!

I have never listened to much Nemertines but now i feel like i better go back and get the rest of his work!

Always a mind fuck