Exclusive: new Exivious album 'Liminal' streaming


A few weeks ago we premiered a new Exivious song 'Alphaform'. Although we usually don't cover the band, they are well liked among our readership and the song premiere was well-received. That's why we're premiering the full album this time! Check out 'Liminal' in full below. The album is due for release on Friday, November 8th, via Season of Mist (November 12th in North America). It is now available for pre-order!


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4 years 32 weeks ago


Thanks a LOT guy, i'm listening to the last CloudKicker in loop for days now and i love it!

[ Ashe ]

CHON released their debut too this year. Deeply Woven sort of has that quirky vibe to it.

This is fantastic!

Pomegranate Tiger and Scale The Summit must be in that List!

You missed Heavy Metal Ninjas in that list. Wink

Wow 2013 was the revenge of the instrumentals... Tesseract, Humanity's Last Breath, (HOPEFULLY) Vildhjarta, The Ocean, Cloudkicker, Russian Circles, Pelican, and finally Exivious (assuming it's also instrumental like their last one) great year for this kind of music. Let me know if I missed any!