Exclusive: Rxyzyxr's new album 'LMNTS' available for free download


Rxyzyxr released their long-awaited debut full-length album 'LMNTS' last month. In cooperation with the band, we are offering the album for free download in MP3 and FLAC formats. You can preview the album below. If you would like to support the band financially, it is also available for purchase from their Bandcamp page. Enjoy!

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Good job, this is a great band!

Amazing album. I hope they release soon some merch we could buy and help supporting them.

Amazing album. I was just thinking to myself the other day, wondering when they would follow up Geometric World. This definitely lives up to expectations.

Very nice got djent!!! Guess i jumped the gun by buying it when it came out!!!

I'm very happy about this - thank you very much!

nice christmas present, cheers! great album, top 5 release this year, for sure.

Great album, definitely recommended!