Exclusive streaming of Ketha's album '2nd Sight', contest


We're exclusively streaming Ketha's latest album '2nd Sight' in full for two weeks, listen below. In conjunction with the band, we're also giving away three copies of the album in a contest. You can enter until April 9th.

About the album, the band had this to say: "This time we focused on the coherence of the songs. At the very early stage we already knew that the tracks were supposed to be connected, creating a bigger whole. You won’t find any accidental sounds here, the songs are thoroughly planned and trance-like."

"Ketha’s second album is the perfect example of how to create music that continues to fascinate with it’s departure from current trends, complete in it’s independence, difficult and demanding" – Arek Lerch, Violence Online

The streaming has ended.

If you like what you hear, you can order a hardcopy or buy the MP3s. Alternatively, you can enter the contest and get it for free!

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This is amazing. Production reminds me of Indukti's Idmen (and I love that sound).

Very tasty!
They seem to have that Neuma/Kobong groove feels, up-beat sludge like structures, Zu like dissonance.
Much appreciated.

They remind me of Proghma-C! Cooool music Smile

Best thing I've heard in ages Laughing out loud

How Boss is this contest though? Nice.