Exclusive: video interview with Sybreed


A large portion of the got-djent.com team attended Euroblast festival in Cologne, Germany in October last year, and we used this opportunity to record a couple of video interviews. Our sixth interview in this series was with modern metallers Sybreed. We talked about the festival, their Australian tour (which they just completed in the meantime), their next album, and more.

Due to technological problems, this interview incurred a significant delay. We apologise for this in advance. Although it was recorded a couple of months ago, we hope you'll still find it worth watching.

Watch it below, or click through to YouTube for better video quality. Check out our previous interviews as well: we talked to Disperse, Monuments, TesseracT, Vildhjarta and the festival organisers.

Subtitles in English are available, click the 'CC' icon at the bottom right of the video to enable them.

Watch our interview with Disperse.
Watch our interview with Monuments.
Watch our interview with TesseracT.
Watch our interview with Vildhjarta.
Watch our interview with Euroblast festival organisers John Sprich and Daniel Schneider.

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Well, respect they surely have enough. Colaborating with Verbeuren on a second album, getting Rhys Fulber for the mix of two albums in succession. Wow. They also have an extremely dedicated fanbase.
What they need now is a bit more attention. Those guys are pushing the boundries of Industrial Metal, taking it further where Fear Factory stopped. And they so much deserve to be known for it.

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I had the opportunity to work with Drop and make the logo for DOWNTONE Studio.
Drop is really an awesome guy, and all the dudes in SYBREED are totally under appreciated.

Hopefully the new album and new studio will bring these guys some well deserved respect!

amazing band.

nice guys!