Exclusive: video interview with Volumes and The Contortionist


Volumes released their debut EP 'The Concept of Dreaming' in November last year, and are currently working on their first full-length album. Last weekend they played at the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. Joseph DiRusso of The Djent-lemen's Club had a chance to catch up with them for us. The Contortionist, also on the bill that night, decided to join in as well. You can watch the video interview below, or click through to YouTube for better quality.

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As stated in a comment on the video: as far as we knew we were interviewing Volumes only. The Contortionist only joined in at the last minute, so we couldn't prepare for it. That's why the questions are geared mostly towards Volumes.

and where was the interview with "the contortionist"?

Does anyone have a link to the song that they have in the Intro/Outro??? Holy Djent!

smoked a blunt with these guys on the first day of the tour they mention and theyre the chillest dudes ever. i really love how awesome they are and how theyre in it for the music and not money. haha cuz they aint makin jack shit. these two bands are basically the reason i love this genre/scene of music. ive given up on it all except for these guys. longlivedjent!

woah. my two favorite bands just had an interview together. made my day. badabing,badaboom.

Ah... bummer, didn't know that. I didn't mean to insinuate that they should write about blood and gore, just something more... intellectual than emotional longing for a significant other. To each his own though.

Intake is actually about one of the member's father dying.
And i'd take songs about relationships over songs about murder and gore any day.

Pretty cool. It still surprises me how far The Contortionist has come from their original sound, and the fact that a band from Indiana has lyrics about exploring and colonizing space. They really had to step up their game to stand out from the crowd of hardcore and metal bands that play in Indianapolis. I'm just glad they're finally getting the recognition they deserve, been following those dudes since they were called At The Hands of Machines.

I'm not as familiar with Volumes, but I do have The Concept of Dreaming EP. I think lyrically they could diversify a little bit, a couple songs on TCoD (Starstruck and Intake) came off to me as this sort of post-relationship drama writing. There's just too many bands that write about ex-girlfriends, nah meen? Their instrumentation is pretty cool and I like their breakbeat style of riffing, but the vocals just don't impress me yet. I'd definitely like to hear more dynamics and sections reminiscent of the song Gateways on the full length.

Good job everyone Laughing out loud Liked the interview.

Gotcha! It grooves! But it's expected from the great Uneven Structure!

haha this was sooo fast!

That's the got-djent.com djingle, Auré from Uneven Structure made it for us Smile

Great interview!! What was the music from in both the intro and outro? Sooo djenty!!