Friend For A Foe: new demo track 'Heavy To The Heavy'


Friend For A Foe have uploaded a new rough demo track, titled 'Heavy To The Heavy', to their SoundCloud page. Listen below. They write: "The majority of a new FFaF song currently in the works (temporary title of course). No bass, guitar tones aren't finalized, guitar and drum parts are still being worked. [...] it gives you a bit of an insight of the direction we're heading in with it!" A live set from Baltimore show was posted earlier.

Listen to the demo on SoundCloud.

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This is soo wicked, CANNOT wait for the new album/EP.

Forgive this dude... he doesn't speak for most of us.

Hey man, this was more or less a demo version of the song which is still a work-in-progress. The song is missing a good portion of some parts (i.e. bass, some melody lines, additional layers, and of course vocals) so this is faaaaaaar from a complete version. The song length will also likely double in size since we love to write those longer than 3:00 minute epics. Us posting this clip was just to give the fans SOMETHING since we've given nothing really since the release of our EP since we had been busy playing shows and dealing with a variety of personal events. We're working on the full-legnth more and more so trust us, it only gets better. Have faith Laughing out loud

Not judging on the sound, but the song itself is just generic compared to their EP. Usually their songs are longer too.