Gardenjia: new album 'EPO' released


Gardenjia have released their debut full-length album, titled 'EPO'. The album is available for streaming on their SoundCloud page, as well as for streaming and purchase from Bandcamp. Listen below. A track from the album, 'In Blue', was posted earlier.

Stream the album on SoundCloud.
Stream/purchase the album from Bandcamp.

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Finally , after a long wait the E.P.O arrives. The music is just so awesome , insane guitars and soothing harmonies just loved it. big fan of Gardenjia and i wish you all the best . Thanx for bringing such amazing music to your fans world wide.

cheers from INDIA's pricy, true..but our first EP IEVADS is downloadable for free, and I regularly upload new music for, stay tuned my friend.

It is a quite expensive album. But it's safe to say that the complexity of the music contained within is worth every penny!! Trust me when I say, these guys deserve that money. I'm so glad that Gru shared EPO via Facebook or I probably would never have discovered them.

Damn. Pricy. I like what I hear though.

Thanks a lot BelowAndBeyond.

Amazing work guys- very impressed. This album made it onto my top five of 2012 it made such an impression on me!!!

HB_Dad, I'm sorry no physical copies for a musician I can tell you we'd love the see our work printed on a good package, but it's not possible for now. We'll print physical copies when we'll have a good budget. Thank you for the attention.

Thank you TB!

Are physical copies available? It really sucks this question has to be asked these days! I hate this digital download only shit thats happening these days!

This is some really solid progressive metal. Guitar work is very nice, along with vocals, bass and drums. Song structure is also very fluid, even with tempo changes in the middle of some songs. Overall a pretty good album.

Thanks guys.