Getting ready for Euroblast Festival vol. XII


The team is getting ready for the 12th edition of Euroblast Festival, which is coming up next week! We have collected a couple of things that we think you'll find useful to prepare your festival experience.

Festival schedule: The entire Euroblast Festival line-up is now available in the form of an interactive "clashfinder". You can indicate which artists you're interested in by clicking on them. You can then print the resulting timetable, or use the clashfinder directly from your mobile phone. The mobile version will tell you at any given time which artists are currently playing and which are coming up next! Check out the clashfinder here!

For Fans Of Guide: Which bands should you go see? The answer is probably: all of them! But if you haven't had a chance to study the line-up in detail, we have worked together with the Euroblast team to prepare a "for fans of" guide for you. For each artist on the line-up, we list three artists with which they have some similarities, and which we think you're more likely to be familiar with already. This way, you can quickly get a rough idea of what each band sounds like! Check out our "for fans of" guide here!

Spotify playlist: The official Spotify playlist, curated by the festival organisers! It features a couple of tracks for every band on the line-up (as long as their music is available on Spotify, that is). Check out the Spotify playlist here!

YouTube playlist: Not on Spotify? Not to worry, there is also an official YouTube playlist, with one or two tracks for many of the artists on the line-up. Check out the YouTube playlist here!

If you're attending the festival, hopefully you'll find some of these things useful! See you in Cologne!

UPDATE (Sept 23rd, 14:20 GMT): updated for-fans-of list to add a few missing bands, including all the warmup bands.

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