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Which are the best djent releases of 2011?

Yesterday, we announced number 3 in the top 20 releases of 2011. Today, we're announcing who took the 2nd place. Even though it will now be painfully obvious to many of you who took the first place, we are going to keep up appearances and wait to announce it until tomorrow. To keep things interesting nevertheless, we will then also announce the top 10 of freely downloadable releases, which you will definitely want to check out as well. top 20 releases of 2011

October 31, 2011 - Basick Records

Ok, so I am having serious problems doing a proper review for Uneven Structure's 'Februus'. It's funny, because I always thought that the way the music is constructed and the fact that it's a concept double album would make it an easy write. You know, go on about how huge the album is and how cool and together the concept is, and the ambience and Rosetta and blah blah blah. Alas, nothing looked or felt right on paper. So excuse me if I go all fanboy on this album. I mean goddamn, I blame 'Awaken' for the two weeks of back problems post-Euroblast. That little fill and bass hit at 1:46? Blew my spine out and gets me going everytime. 'Exmersion' is enormous, it feels like you are floating in space but at the same time space is trying to squeeze you ever so gently, like an invisible wall that caresses you yet also is slightly menacing.

'Awe' kicks the album back into overdrive with a viciously groovy riff. 'Quittance' starts off slow and builds, with what I consider to be a lickably well produced bass line. It just jumps out and I want it and then builds even more, and then Matthieu starts leading us in and then the riff comes in. Chills. Every. Time. 'Plenitude'? That song, I mean holy crap, it opens with a tribal, oriental sounding drumbeat backed once again by that delicious sounding bass, bursts into a musical landscape full of detail, with subtle little ambient sweeps, with an almost orchestral clean guitar backing. Matthieu's cleans break through once again and suddenly a huge riff appears, fitting in so perfectly with all that landscape I talked about that it speaks volumes of the band's songwriting.

And then 'Finale'. I want Finale played at my funeral and, as cliche as it sounds, can you imagine a more triumphant, epic song to have people remember you by? I don’t, and I don’t know if there is an album I have gone so crazy over all year.

Well there is one..... - Klonere

Uneven Structure - Februus: an enormously ambitious debut that delivers in every way.

Check back tomorrow for the top 10 of freely downloadable releases,
and to see which album made 1st place (if you haven't figured it out by now)!

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I agree with the OP about that little fill at 1:46 in Awaken -- makes me get up and move every single time!


I really liked your description and enjoyment for Vildhjarta Smile I would love to hear them through your ears Laughing out loud

I think Vildhjarta's album is out of this world, in all meanings. It's obviously similar to Meshuggah, but it's so melancholic and at the same time sort of catch-your-breath groovy. In my mind, there are many facets of the djent-style or bands that come under that banner (not getting into the genre argument, I personally do not mind one way or the other), and vildhjarta have definitely pursued the darker, and perhaps more experimental poritons of it. Inevitably, this has resulted in very mixed reviews - but if you like it, you fucking love it, it seems. Myself included.

Masstaden has provided the part of djent I felt has been less well represented in 2011 - which basically means this is a very moving, and sad album. Which I love.

I couldn't disagree more. And its because they are so awesome.

Februss is one of my favourite metal albums of all times, not just this year. I've been waiting for a metal album with this kind of spacious sound since EVER.

About Vildhjarta, I'm very surprised their album got such a great response from the community. In my opinion Masstaden it is the most overrated "djent" album of this year. To my ears it is just a bunch of cool riffs which don't really blend with each other as a song, not even in the abstract sense. But don't be offended by my words, it is just an opinion. I think Vildhjarta is a talented band... just not for me.

Although I have to say, it would be a total owned to see in #1 place another band. But that is definitely not gonna happen...

By the way, how did the band manage to get such a huge army of "thall" fans?

ahahahahaha as calle always says and as he says in the first comment of this page there's only one word that will bring you to the top and this word is: THALL

Why don't you chill out ,mom? It's a community, some people want to bitch. True Djentlemen...get it! Everybody who has bitched, has also bought every other release on the list! That's what makes a community...those that bitch, those that don't and those that know 'TesseracT', should have been number one.

Now I would never bitch! I am above such behavior! Though, anyone who disagrees that Vildhjarta shouldn't be number one is wrong! Not just wrong but disillusional!

But I forgive you. You drank too much Masstaden. It happens!

I love you, man!

I noticed that there are a lot more whiners and bitchers this year than last

Chill the fuck out, it's not your own list, it's a collective from a whole community.

@danieluber1337: we don't disclose the number of votes each album has received, but I can tell you that the battle between #2 and #1 was fierce this year. They were tied until halfway through the voting, which was quite fascinating to be honest Smile

Im disappointed with the last 5 except TesseracT.

Animals as Leaders or Ever Forthright should of been 1st

Februus - the best!! It must be on the 1st place!!!

I'm completely disappointed.

Feud?...... Anyways, awesome to see Februus at number 2. Can't wait for number 1.



especially Uneven Structure hahaha

Hmm, what's this Vildhjarta vs Uneven Structures fan feud? I hate both

Damn, my guess about the top 5 was exact. Gotta admit I made that guess when I've already known no. 20-6, still I knew the order of this five releases exactly in advance.

Truly sad that LCTR didn't make it in the Top 20, unless they're number 1 of course Wink

While Februus was MY #1, it definitely deserves a close, close second.

I forget what they did last year - did they post the votes for each band?

Legit list so far. 4 out of my 5 are on here so far. You guys have great tastes. ;D The Discovery is still my favorite though.

@Djizz, its not djent. I talked to AJ and Evan in Covington Ky at their show for a while (I bought them a round, I get that way when I am blitzed myself) and we discussed the whole labeling them as djent and they thought it was sort of silly to call them that since they rarely, if at all, use the djent sound.

f*******ck? what were you even trying to spell? vildhjarta is insane.

Seconded Paragon. Last Chance's level 2 is my #1 of 2011 but I dont consider it djent at all.
Weightless is easily my second and will be in my top 5 all time albums. I seriously love that album, especially Somnarium and Do Not Go Gently.

I really like Vildhjarta and the Masstaden album, But seriously, I think Februus or even Weightless could've been number one. (I even enjoy Weightless the most!)

Yea Last Chance to Reason's album came out this year. It's my personal favorite for the year, but it isn't really a "djent" album djizzism.





Anyway, reason is the uneven gyz win becoz the forgoot to add a scpitical song to theyr album like vildjharte, so to focus in out of mishape of thes subjact is to edmit thy win god




because democracy Smile

I'm a bit confused, didn't level 2 by last chance to reason come out in 2011? how the fuck is structures shit-filled album ranked and it not?

hate vildhjarta
Februus should be the 1st((((

vildhjartha with this freakin' THHHAAALLL annoys me. nice djent, bun not the FIRST!!

hail Uneven Struucture. youu are the best. suuper atmospheric albuum

number 1 has got to be vildhjarta

All hail Februus, and all hail the #1 Masstaden!

I want Finale played at my funeral [2]