's favourite releases of 2011: number 4


Which are the best djent releases of 2011?

Yesterday, we announced number 5 in the top 20 releases of 2011. Today, we're announcing who took the 4th place. We will announce one more album per day, until we reach number one. At that point we will also announce the top 10 of freely downloadable releases. top 20 releases of 2011

November 4, 2011 - Prosthetic Records

With one of the best instrumental albums of all time, Animals As Leaders do it again with their album 'Weightless'. Covering a huge variety of sounds they go from Meshuggah-worthy riffs to chill and relaxed jams. Tosin Abasi never disappoints with his most technical guitar playing yet, and with the addition of a real drummer their sound has become bigger than ever. The album also includes Tosin's signature glitchy sounds and futuristic tones, and unlike many other instrumental albums, is not just all about the guitar shred. Weightless is an ideal instrumental album because it remains interesting from start to finish, and it will always be looked up to by other musicians endeavouring to do the same. - Jules

Animals as Leaders - Weightless: setting the bar higher for everyone else, no matter the style of music.

Check back tomorrow to see which album made 3rd place!

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it's in a ranked order beacuse it is subjective,some people voted for some bands, some for others, people have similar tastes, that doesn't mean they're exactly the same. lawyered. thall

sorry could've said it in a different way, I was just sick of people dissing bands and other peoples guess.

I forgot that the site will be having that list as well!

@ Dana Walker. If music is subjective how come this list is in a ranked order? lawyered.


same here!!

Hell wit it, I'll guess too.
3. Return to Base
1. Natalie Merchant..if I had to guess.

But I know!
3. Uneven Structure
2. Vildhjarta*fingers crossed*
1. TesseracT

Kind of looking forward to the downloadable list, though!

Gonna guess:

3. Uneven Structures - Februus
2. Vildhjarta - Masstaden
1. Tesseract - One

ieathumans: what is your problem? are you seriously offended because people are guessing who's going to be next? Jesus christ. Reading comments is not compulsory. Besides, the whole point of releasing one new album a day is to create some speculation.

who cares about your "guess"??

AAL's debut has always been my top 1 instrumental album in my opinion,
but no longer my favorite now,
cause they released Weightless Smile

I meant #4 my mistake

I'd say TesseracT gets third, Second and First are up in the air. That's just me, though.

An absolute classic. Without a doubt one of, if not the best instrumental album of all time!! Saw AAL on tour with Tesseract and Between The Buried And Me and Tosin nailed every single one of his parts with perfection. In fact they all did. They are superb musicians, and they truly earned their spot on this list.

im gonna guess that the top three are tesseract vildhjarta and uneven structure, just don't know the order

Staccatist, I'm surprised this wasnt on more end of year lists, most it made was honorable mention so seeing it as high as #3 is a good thing. I think a lot of people just didnt give it enough time to really get into it, I know it took me a few days to really appreciate it and then really like it myself.

Your statement is invalid. You think Textures is better. Music is subjective.

Glad to finally see this album get some credit, I found it to be an excellent followup.

Doesn't deserve #1. Textures is better than this.

I expected No.1 for this....