's favourite releases of 2011: part 2


Which are the best djent releases of 2011?

Yesterday, we announced positions 20 through 11 in the top 20 releases of 2011. Today, we're announcing positions 10 through 6. From tomorrow on, we will announce one more album per day, for five days, until we reach number one. At that point we will also announce the top 10 of freely downloadable releases. top 20 releases of 2011

10 Red Seas Fire - Red Seas Fire

An unexpected highlight of 2011, the debut release of Bristol-based Red Seas Fire took djent by storm. Perpetually writhing and kicking out, the album is in constant metamorphosis: savage riff-work and soaring guitar solos twist effortlessly into serene pools of calm and control, flowing with streams of melody. Its free-to-download availability paid off spectacularly: the band have built up a strong fanbase who follow their every twitch, trying to learn what makes the music tick. The answer is an intrigue for exploration, but with balance: as a whole, the album offers very solid ground in terms of memorable passages of pure riffs and total headbanging, whilst at the same time you can only admire the craftsmanship with which the songs are constructed. Good production propels the album forward, and atmospheric touches give a feel of drifting in an eerie limbo of hallucination, always leading to something new and exciting. However, there is still room for development: I hope they deliver. - Zyglrob

Red Seas Fire - Red Seas Fire: high-impact stuff with a plentiful mix of musical elements, drawn together with a purpose. Circle pit: ready!

8 Corelia - Nostalgia

Vocals are a hot button issue in our community. Whether it be a preference for vocal-less versions of songs or debates about various vocalists (who shall remain nameless), vocals seem to get people all riled up on both sides of the argument. Well here is an EP where vocals are almost definitely technically and compositionally on par with the guitar and drum-work. Vocalist Ryan Devlin delivers what is possibly the stand out performance of the year with a seemingly limitless range, tasteful harmonies and solid growls. The music surrounding him is effortlessly complex; the songs seem to glide from one riff to another, from one virtuoso lead to the next, never overwhelming the listener but still giving them plenty to chew on. Almost definitely my favourite song of the year, ‘The Sound of Glaciers Moving’, combines all these elements into an addictive formula that is both memorable and epic. If these guys can match the quality of this EP on upcoming releases, they will go very far. - Klonere

Corelia - Nostalgia: djent Protest the Hero if you so will, vocals and riffs and more riffs.

8 Ever Forthright - Ever Forthright

If all bands were able to be as intrepid and as clinical as Ever Forthright, music would be a very bland artistic medium. It is thanks to long-cultivated shards of perfection such as this that we are able to appreciate true artistic dedication and genius. In five minutes of Ever Forthright, you will hear more musical ideas than in a four-movement classical symphony. This approach can be extremely hard to interpret well - most artists would lose all clarity in attempting something like this - but this band have got it bang on. Your mind will be crushed by riffs akin to those of Meshuggah or Vildhjarta, singed by scorching guitar solos, savaged by Chris Barretto’s prehistoric roaring, bedazzled by the beauty of his cleans, calmed by the tearfully beautiful jazz interludes and lyrical clean guitar passages, and awed by the faultless self-production and the sheer scale of the album (one hinderance of the album is its length; a full listen may be a little demanding). Make no mistake about it, however: this album is a landmark release for music, in a way that no previous work has been. - Zyglrob

Ever Forthright - Ever Forthright: goes at your brain with a scalpel and tweezers, but never fails to amaze.

7 Volumes - Via

Volumes' debut EP 'The Concept of Dreaming' appeared in last year's top 20 releases, and they are back here again with their follow-up album 'Via'. Taking straight up hardcore aggression, adding the djent sound and some atmospherics, Via is a very heavy trip. Opener ‘Paid In Full’ is probably one of the best metal openers ever; the creepy, rising ambience with some absolutely ridiculously bottom heavy riffs and unrelenting vocals make this song a crushing way to introduce a new listener to the band. Some standout tracks: Limitless, The Colombian Faction and the far and away best song on the album, Edge of the Earth. Edge of the Earth’s huge chorus is the bands first true foray into making clean vocals (I realise they appear on The Colombian Faction but here they are the centerpiece of the song) a big part of their sound, and it works perfectly. Hopefully it's a direction that they can continue to explore. The other tracks are all well put together and have the requisite amount groove and breakdowns but have a propensity to sounding like one another. - Klonere

Volumes - Via: crush, crush, crush, clean vox, crush.

6 Born of Osiris - The Discovery

Released earlier in the year, 'The Discovery' is an album that may have slipped a few people's minds, but its placing in the poll here proves that it certainly has staying power compared to some of its more recent contemporaries. The band still builds off a base sound of technical deathcore with keyboard flourishes now and then, but The Discovery shows the band have gained confidence in implementing some of the ideas present on 'A Higher Place', with far more expansive use of big, melodic leads, especially on the track 'Recreate', which features an almost constant snaking and well thought out lead. Born of Osiris have always been well known for the presence of keyboards, courtesy of Joe Buras. However, on The Discovery, keyboards mostly cease being a singular entity that merely adds small details to songs without much attention to the rest of the composition, and instead become an integral part to most songs. I must also commend the vocal performance from Ronnie Canizaro, which has grown into a delicious low, throaty and meaty growl that adds a lot to the entire experience. While the 15 tracks might be a touch too difficult to digest all at once, it does make a nice change from previous album's almost extreme brevity. - Klonere

Born of Osiris - The Discovery: chug with Dream Theater, competent production and a dubstep bit.

Ever Forthright and Corelia share the 8th spot, seeing as they both received the same number of votes.

Check back tomorrow to see which album made 5th place!

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Great list! Nice to see Corelia in the top10!
BTW: I agree with some ohter posts here: Digital Veil is an awesome album, in my opinion one of the best in 2011! Plz add THA!

+1 on this, The human abstract released an amazing modern metal effort, surely more "djent" sounding then lots of ambient and death"crap"core you find around here.

I just need to thank the people that keep this site alive and running. This site has brought my passion for amazing music back!! Thank you got-djent for opening my eyes to a community I didn't even know existed. It is because of you that my iPod is filled with jaw dropping low-tuned madness. By the way, excellent list. I've been listening to Red Seas, Ever Forthright, and Volumes religiously since I downloaded them. In total agreement with the others- Vildhjarta, Animals as Leaders, Tesseract, Uneven Structures, undoubtedly in the top 5, but I'm unsure of who will be the 5th...... I'll be tuning in daily to find out!!!! Long live Got-Djent!!!!!

Definitely wanna give some love to Corelia. I expect huge things from them in the near future. Btw, if Corelia is allowed on this site where the hell is The Human Abstract???? Their album "digital veil" blew my socks off, and although I recognize that they really aren't too "djent" in comparison to the Meshuggah patented brand guitar sound, I don't see how THA is that much different from the likes of Corelia, they even shared a singer for a short time. So, can anybody explain to me why The Human Abstract isn't eligible for this site? Especially when an album like Cloudkicker's "let yourself be huge" is featured prominently on this list. Sorry to rant it just frustrates me that a really killer album is getting ignored.

Ever Forthright should be ranked higher than BoO...

All of these releases are beyond awesome! It is nice to see Red seas fire and Corelia get some recognition they deserve it. Volumes is a good band, but I think they should have been lower on the list.The Discovery was BOO's best album to date and I still have been jammin' that one. Tesseract, AAL, Textures, Uneven Structure, and Vildhjarta will absolutely be the top 5.

I agre with matey:
Uneven Structure
Animals as Leaders

Maybe not in that order but they will be the next 5 bands hand down.

Well I guess that leaves positions 5 to 1 to:

Uneven Structure
Animals as Leaders

If that's right, I'm really missing Last Chance To Reason and Shattered Skies in the Top 20 Sad

c2aye: no, we did that last year as well, but then we released everything in one go. We staggered them this year to incite some speculation Tongue

Oh... were Ever Forthright and Volumes already appeared at this point?

well no offense, but i really cant get it why Volumes is above so many incredible bands @@
anyway these bands are all totally sick.
just cant wait to see the top 5!
i hope TesseracT and Animals as Leaders would share the first place haha!!

I think substructure should have been higher up but their all pretty good bands!

My number 1 album for 2011 is still Ever Forthright(it even beat out Deconstruction!)

Did you guys stagger the announcements so that you could write super cool bios for the top ten? Tongue

ohhh i envy you benanne for knowing the other first 5 possitions... T~T

Corelia sould have been in the top 5 they're awesome

Yesssss, Ever Forthright! I thought the year was done, and then late December BOOM!

A word of support 2 Corelia, best debut release of the year.
Can't really get what volumes is doing above so many awesome bands (RSF, HS, Circles...) very, very simplistic band.

sorry but you talk some untrue shit about Born of Osiris ... a lotta guys here tend to bash BoO, but sorry, they are actually the BEST musicians living on the EARTH!`

btw Ever Forthright's album is just the biggest riff salad I've ever had.

Awesome bands. Don't care about the positions. These are all sick bands

That we are, that we are Laughing out loud

Oh Got djent you are the biggest cock teases on the internet. Tense! I'm guessing top 5 is gonna have some form of Tesseract, Viddyjaja, Uneven, Animals as Leaders in there. What have I missed. This is going to keep me awake tonight, what have you done! Laughing out loud

Edit: Textures....gotta have em in there. I'm still tense. Exciting Laughing out loud

To the gut wanting BOO to be in the top 10, I told you so... hahaha

Agree with the bands from 6-10


Top 5 will be Vildhjarta, Animals As Leaders, Uneven Structure, Tesseract and Sees

I would never root against someone, but I'm kind of glad Born of Osiris didn't win 1st place.

Ever Forthright is pretty crazy, for it was released on like the last week of the year or something. Other than that, I would have put Born of Osiris' The Discovery the 1st of the year.