's favourite releases of 2012: number 1


Which are the best djent releases of 2012?

Yesterday, we announced number 2 in the top 20 releases of 2012. Today, we're announcing who took the 1st place. Most people will already have figured this out by now, so to keep it interesting, we're also announcing the top 20 of freely downloadable releases of 2012. Once again, we want to thank everyone who participated and shared their favourites with us, as well as all the bands who put out tons of awesome music for us to enjoy! top 20 releases of 2012

20. Stealing Axion - Moments

19. Twelve Foot Ninja - Silent Machine

18. Danza - IIII: The Alpha - The Omega

17. Chimp Spanner - All Roads Lead Here

16. Cloudkicker - Fade

15. Sithu Aye - Invent The Universe

13. David Maxim Micic - Bilo 2.0

13. Glass Cloud - The Royal Thousand

12. Intervals - In Time

11. The Algorithm - Polymorphic Code

10. The Safety Fire - Grind The Ocean

9. The Korea - Chariots of the Gods

8. Hacktivist - Hacktivist

7. Veil Of Maya - Eclipse

6. The Haarp Machine - Disclosure

5. Skyharbor - Blinding White Noise

4. Meshuggah - Koloss

3. The Contortionist - Intrinsic

2. Monuments - Gnosis

1. Periphery - II: This Time It's Personal

July 2, 2012 - Sumerian Records / Century Media Records

'Periphery II: This Time It's Personal' has a sense of regal ascension about it. In the space of two years, the heirs apparent have been busy maturing, furiously working, writing and waiting. Periphery The Second is brash, confident and assured of itself; a king who has gone through his rites of rulership, ready to take the reins of a dynasty.

It's hard not to be hyperbolic, overblown even, about Periphery II. The entire album just oozes theater, drama and passion. The opening track Muramasa leaves a listener in no doubt of what is to come; something expansive, energetic and that dare I say epic. From there on, the album never ever lets up. Every second is absolutely jammed with so much pure music it makes for extremely compulsive listening, if not perhaps, casual listening. From the Nobuo Uematsu tribute in Have A Blast, the pounding Ragnarok or the unabashed prog ballad in Erised each track does its very best to be a story in itself.

Spencer Sotelo knocks it completely out of the park with some absolutely stunning performances on the aforementioned tracks, but the entire band is on fire throughout. Matt Halpern's infectious, hyperactive grooving is ever more apparent with the inclusion of live drums on this album. Mark Holcomb's sliding, shimmering virtuosity rings out all over and Jake Bowen's fluency in electronics has grown enormously since the debut, adding much spice to fill in the already bursting layers and tying the entire album together. Oh and of course Misha kinda wrote a lot of the material on this 72 minute monster. No big deal.

The album tries perhaps, to achieve too much, sharing that same problem that its older brother faced, that of being overlong. By the sheer nature of the band's writing style, all go, all the time, it can be a tiring listen and hard to digest in one sitting. Songs can blend into one another quite easily towards the end, but the challenge of creating 72 minutes of utterly unique, compelling music is one that is not often met.

This is the album that has cemented Periphery's place as top dogs in the scene and with its more overt prog flavourings will undoubtedly set them up to get even bigger. Mixing the catchy, well written choruses with tight, technical riffing, solid production, an extremely versatile frontman and well integrated electronics, Periphery II is a dauntless expansion of the band's sound. The king is definitely wearing clothes. - Klonere

Periphery - Periphery II: This Time It's Personal: Periphery cement their position at the zenith of modern prog with an astoundingly slick and polished yet ambitious and inventive album.

As promised, we also have a top 20 of freely downloadable releases for you! Check it out below. You can download each release for free (legally!) by clicking the green download button to the right. Releases that are available for streaming can also be listened to by clicking the red headphone silhouette .

If there's any releases on this list that you haven't heard yet, do yourself a favour and grab them now, it won't cost you anything! Enjoy! If you're looking for more free music to download, check out our extensive free downloads section. top 20 free releases of 2012

20. Asymmetry - Fallen Into a Reverie

19. Widek - Aurora Borealis

17. Miroist - The Pledge

17. A.I.(d) - Disorder

14. Lithium Dawn - Aion

14. ForTiorI - Sloan

14. The Pandemonium - Tyrannis

13. Soul Cycle - Soul Cycle II

10. The Ralph - Fragments

10. Shokran - Sixth Sense

10. Sequence Of Discord - Namaste

9. Wide Eyes - Volume

8. Novallo - EP

5. Sithu Aye - Isles EP

5. TesseracT - Nocturne


4. Cloudkicker - Fade

3. Sithu Aye - Invent The Universe

2. Intervals - In Time

1. The Korea - Chariots of the Gods

There were quite a few ex aequos in the free downloads list this year, which is why some numbers occur multiple times.

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Best find I came across right before the new year was Damned Spring Fragrantia.
Their older material was great but the new song they released is amazing..
And they just got signed to Basick. 8D

Look out for Substructure's new album this year as well if you like The Contortionist.

Also, thanks to this list I got turned onto Twelve Foot Ninja which I never heard of before. So good.

I think you are missing the point, there are literally dozens of other things we have to spend our time on from day to day, and that's just site work, as I said we have day jobs / study as well. It really isn't as simple as you seem to think it is. From your comment I gather that you seem to think the majority of the work is typesetting... would that it were so.

Besides, it's editors' picks, not editor's picks, so that means this involves a lot of different people who all have to find some time to spend on this. You may not realise that coordinating such joint efforts takes a lot of time and work by itself.

I have already commented here before (scroll down to read it) that we are aiming to put it out before the end of the month, but we can't promise anything. It's the 23rd today. So please, for the love of god, be patient, and don't try to tell us how to do our job, or how trivial you think it is. It's really quite exasperating.

Sorry for being so harsh then. Didn't want to be a snob.

We all have things to do, I understand, but please...give us an update on things? From what I think it's not like you didn't pick your favorites over the course of time ... all you have to do now is to make that list. A nice looking one, anyway, and I guess that's where most effort goes to.

That is completely uncalled for, have a little respect. We are working hard on it. We are also working hard on a LOT of other things, not in the least churning out 10+ news posts per day on average. These things don't write themselves. It takes a lot of time to do it properly, free time I might add, since we are all students or have day jobs. You can't expect us to churn out special features, interviews and whatnot in a few days like it's nothing.

Also, if you think a comment like that will somehow entice us to speed things up, think again Tongue

<s>Man, the staff has cowared out. They won't ever release their lists.</s>

Better idea, release SIX MOAR versions of the album, each version with one member's playing/singing taken out. That way, the drum-less version will satisfy the people who didn't like Matt's playing, the singing-less version will satisfy the people who don't like the singing, etc. Definitely release a mansoor-less version, because seriously, he ruined this new record with his playing.

That was a joke.

We'll <3 u bak wen we can has instrumetal vrsion pl0x

shit band, shit list, hope they vanflip/entire genreflip obv paid off

<3 you guys

@keshav - ...better than Blinding White Noise? I don't think so. Big smile Not Opinion. Fact!

editors' picks always takes a while, a lot of people are involved in the process Smile We hope to put it out before the end of the month, but at this point I can't promise anything. We have a lot of other things in the works as well.

I have no idea what some here are talking about haha. PII is far and away the best release of the year IMO.

In other news......The editors picks have still not been released. When can we expect to see these? I'm ready to discover some new bands.

Seriously, are we going to have this discussion here? It's completely pointless and I'm sure everyone involved has better things to do. Please talk about the music instead, the world is a dreary enough place without this kind of nondiscussion.

Last part sounds like butthurt to me.

@ DarknessNezumi: You for real? No one was extremely butthurt. Some of us were just dissapointed by the respective releases. And they were at the top of this list because first and foremost this is a popularity contest.

And just so I can take a shot at your personal dissapointment, I found LMNTS to be a utter bore and 90% rip-off of Meshuggah. I took 10% off because they used cleans.

Anybody else find it funny how a few people are extremely butthurt over Periphery and Monuments getting the top two spots on this list?
The polls don't lie, folks. Just because you don't agree, that doesn't make your opinion an authority over the opinions of everybody else. Deal with it and enjoy the music, fanboy competition sucks the fun out of it all.

Back on Topic:
I was initially disappointed that RXYZYXR wasn't on the top 20 list, but it was cool to see them on the Top 20 Free Releases after all.
I've listened to a majority of the Top 20 list, now I've got some releases to check out (including the free ones).
Funny how awards season allows the most exposure for such great artists/bands.

Hey Meowzer, I hope Intandem gets a nod. That EP of theirs totally needed more attention. 'Twas awesome!

I honestly thought that P2 was the biggest disappointment of the year. Srsly. I think people just fell in love with it because it was Periphery, and they must've reached the status where they could shit on a blank CD and fanboys will call it amazing and 'groundbreaking'.

I was also let down a bit by Gnosis, based upon the strength of their EP. But it definitely wasn't a shit (see Periphery II) album.

They're not up yet, but I can assure you we are working on it.

Were the editors picks posted? If so, I can't seem to find them.

Where the **** is RXYZYXR at?!?!?! Ok I've officially lost all faith in humanity. I can't even believe that TTDTDE is so damn low.....

Glad I can see my favorite bands on the list, and good work team!

Also 'Editors' picks' in this year is worth checking. Tongue

Although I still love Periphery II I did not really dig Spencer's cleans on this album. It's like his two vocal styles flip flopped. I loved his cleans on P1 but not so much his growls. P2 his growls were better but his cleans sounded too winey. Still a great album though. I always love this time of year on GotDjent because I always discover new awesome bands on the free download list. This year was "Lithium Dawn."

P2 & Gnosis were the two biggest disappointments of the year IMO. It's absolutely INSANE how much better Periphery is live than on their albums... after I saw them live their albums became unbearable. They do so much perfectly live and then they ruin so much with their recordings, such a travesty. Secondly, Gnosis should have been ONLY cleans. The vocalist's lows literally can't keep up with the pace of their music, he can't "spit" lyrics. I'd kill for an instrumental version of either album. Lastly, Måsstaden & Februus sh!t all over P2 & Gnosis, it's not even funny how much greater those two albums are in comparison. Gnosis, and especially P2, are the poster-children for stream-lined djent for the "core" masses.

Personally I think Chimp's a little underrated in this one.

I'm here simply for the list of free releases.
C'mon! Everyone knows how awesome Periphery is lol
Thanks got-djent! Looking forward to the editor's pick!

I went back and noticed that. Sorry. Thanks for the edit button.

Hoken: you're missing that The Korea are #9 in the top 20 releases list Smile

Periphery - Periphery II: This Time It's Personal
Here it is, the album of the year. Amazingly all. Beautiful creation. Instrumental part - it is a miracle and a charm. Vocal performance at altitude. Vocals may not like, but it has a enormous charisma.
Here it is, the skill and talent of the musicians. Here it is, the music.

Top free releases too cool. The Korea's album is amazing.

Thanks for summarizing results!

I would also like to note the following albums:
Your Memorial - Redirect
Overdown - Ethereal
Hypno5e - Acid Mist Tomorrow
The Omega Experiment - The Omega Experiment
Solace - Call & Response
Heart Of A Coward - Hope And Hindrance
Elitist - Reshape Reason
As Oceans - Enough Light To Warrant The Contrast
Carcer City - The Road Journals
The Weakening - Chains Of Plato
Absent Distance - Common Ghost Of The Lifelines
Aviations - A Declaration Of Sound
Star Monarchy - Volume 1
Damien Deadson - A Warm And Dark Embrace

Wow. Simply stunned. No Omega Experiment, nowhere? Tyrant of Death...nope...

Nice to see Sithu Aye & ForTiorI on there. The Korea had a big year in 2012. Happy for them.

Thanks again for another awesome list. Big smile

By the way, feel free to share mirror links for all the Bandcamp releases, some of them might run out of free download credits pretty quickly Smile

Nah, we won't do that, kinda defeats the point Smile We will be doing another post with "editors' picks", some releases from the past year that we feel didn't get the attention they deserve.

Congrats P!

benanne: Is it possible to announce the whole 'top releases' list (beyond the 20. place)?

Who would have thought? Laughing out loud