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Which are the best djent releases of 2012?

Yesterday, we announced positions 10 through 6 in the top 20 releases of 2012. Today, we're announcing who took the 5th place. We will announce one more album per day, until we reach number one. At that point we will also announce the top 20 of freely downloadable releases. top 20 releases of 2012

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Check out yesterday's post to see positions 10 through 6.

5. Skyharbor - Blinding White Noise

April 23, 2012 - Basick Records

India-based collaborative tech metal project 'Hydrodjent' had a modest following in its early days. A demo here, a pre-production track there; it all appeared relaxed and snugly wrapped. Suddenly, like a volcano exploding from a quiescent sea, a formidable beast was born into the air. A glistening flagship under a new name, 'Skyharbor' jumped to the foreground with an arsenal of potential. For the band, it appeared there had been a spectacular astral alignment. The collaboration project metamorphosed into a tech metal supergroup, a label looking for a grasp on a budding niche in an untapped corner of the globe found its foothold, and a new image began to materialize around them. Their christening was masterfully marketed, and their maiden voyage lived up to all expectations.

Skyharbor is not a force, as most achieved bands are. They did not choose the tallest soapbox to stand above the crowd, or use the loudest voice to oblige all to hear. They took musical technicality, progression, emotion, and elegance, and used them to create an idea their listeners could subscribe to. It is easy to appreciate Skyharbor for what they are, instead of who they are trying to be. They make nothing for themselves to attempt to measure up to. They are not the "most" or "least" of anything. They simply take what worked for so many others in the past and put them all together into something unique, memorable, and beautiful. - Meowzer

Skyharbor - Blinding White Noise: Illusion & Chaos: a poetic, memorable, and fluid amalgamation of musical ideals. Try not to forget there are two discs.

To be continued!

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Check out Monday's post to see positions 20 through 11.
Check out yesterday's post to see positions 10 through 6.

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IMHO, this is the pinnacle of the djent movement thus far. Each song is a complete musical thought, something I had not heard in this genre previously. Illusion: Celestial and Illusion: Maeva both send chills down the spine. Dan Thompkins, please continue to work with these guys!

Good and quality album.

Nah, swap 2 with 3 and you pretty much nailed it.

my guess is : 4 contortionist, 3 meshuggah, 2 monuments, 1 periphery

5th out of 566 albums is nothing to be disappointed about Tongue

5th? Wow. Disappointing. 5th? Damn.

I hope staff's top comes the next day following #1 reveal Laughing out loud

So people actually guessed this being 5th. Cool.