's favourite releases of 2012: part 1


Which are the best djent releases of 2012?

In the past few weeks, all registered users could pick their five favourite djent releases of 2012. Thanks to everyone who shared their favourites with us. A lot of albums came out this year, so picking just five was a challenging task! In total, 987 people participated. They voted for 262 different releases, out of 566 that were eligible.

Just like last year, we will be spreading the results across a number of posts, to make things a bit more interesting. We will announce part of the results every day for a week. Today, we're announcing positions 20 through 11. Tomorrow, we will be announcing positions 10 through 6. And from then on, we'll be announcing one more album per day, for five days, until we've reached number one.

Last year, we also included a top 10 of freely downloadable releases with the final announcement. Ever since the start of, we have witnessed a steady increase of the percentage of releases in our database that are available for free download. Currently, over 40% of the releases in our database can be downloaded for free! With this in mind, we've decided to release a top 20 of freely downloadable releases this year, instead of a top 10. Stay tuned for that!

Without further ado, we present to you the first part of the top 20 of 2012, according to our users. top 20 releases of 2012

20. Stealing Axion - Moments

19. Twelve Foot Ninja - Silent Machine

18. Danza - IIII: The Alpha - The Omega

17. Chimp Spanner - All Roads Lead Here

16. Cloudkicker - Fade

15. Sithu Aye - Invent The Universe

13. David Maxim Micic - Bilo 2.0

13. Glass Cloud - The Royal Thousand

12. Intervals - In Time

11. The Algorithm - Polymorphic Code

To be continued!

Check back tomorrow for positions 10 through 6!

David Maxim Micic and Glass Cloud share the 13th spot, because they both received the same number of votes.

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I absolutely love this list. It gives me awesome suggestions for what to listen to. So far I've purchased The Algorithm and Hacktivist off the list and I love both of them! Glad I saved that iTunes gift card from xmas!!!

@ dctpn - Mass concensus don't lie, brah.

I'm not sure but it's probably because a lot of people voted for their album

I seriously don't get how 12FN is above Stealing Axion... or even in the top 20 at all

I'm dying to see the next 5 spots. Come on guys.

Nice to see that Twelve Foot Ninja made it. I didn't expect they would as they seem to still be rather unknown.

I think English is his part-time job....

At least half of bands in the list are full shit. What it is doing in the list is a good question.

Twelve Foot Ninja - well done! Everyone should check out their 2 EPs - New Dawn & Smoke Bomb (iTunes has them). They're both awesome as well!

#20 out of 566 albums and EPs really isn't that bad at all Smile

I hope Stealing Axion gets a larger fanbase after barely cracking the top 20.

There's no way the new Danza should be in the top 20! That album is terrible compared to their last one! This new one has some real good songs here and there but they are buried in a bunch if pointless instrumentals and interludes. The production is also terrible you can tell that one guy is playing all of the instruments! To me, one man band projects usually are disappointing due to the fact there is no collaboration and there aren't dedicated musicians for each instrument.

twelve foot ninja did really great for a band that entered the band database mere months ago with it's first LP. admittedly, not many people know about them even now.

Jeez... 12FN, CK, Micic, c2, CS and Alg are this low in the list? Can't wait to see what actually beat these guys! Laughing out loud

Yay! 5 spots higher than last year. Thank you voters Laughing out loud

Because we love suspense Laughing out loud we're hoping to instigate some speculation!

why don't you publish the whole top 20, why the suspense? Tongue

I'm actually pleasantly suprised Twelve Foot Ninja breached top 20, I love the album but I'd haven't suspected so many others do. It isn't your typical djent band, with it's Ska-esque breaks and poppy vocals.

Twelve foot ninja should be higher, but it is the peoples choice.

I just love the "new year moment" when you find out about so many great bands all at once.

Keep 'em coming!