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Which are the best djent releases of 2013?

Yesterday, we announced positions 20 through 11 in the top 20 releases of 2013. Today, we're announcing positions 10 through 6. From tomorrow on, we will announce one more album per day, for five days, until we reach number one. At that point we will also announce the top 10 of freely downloadable releases. top 20 releases of 2013

Check out yesterday's post to see positions 20 through 11.

10. Uneven Structure - 8

'8' in its original inception was the release that got me fully into the djent scene. Its 8 tracks still adorn the "top played" list on my profile, two years after having discovered it. I was more than looking forward to its re-release. There are fundamental changes to production, riffs, song structure, vocal lines and vocal delivery on the new EP. Matthieu Romarin somehow equals the vast improvement that the rest of the band achieved by adding natural clean sections alongside the blistering harsh vocals that he is well known for.

The more tentative opening on 'Dianoia' with Romarin's cleans perfectly complementing the finely tuned Milton Cleans in the background gives the listener a good idea of what is to come, a fantastic iteration on an already strong foundation. The totally new ambient break 'Cardinal' is a towering, haunting tribal piece that while giving the listener space to breathe is equally as impressive as the rest of the EP. While not all perfect, positive changes ('Delusions of Grandeur' has lost a lot of punch), 2013's '8' is still a step above the original. - Klonere

Uneven Structure - 8: a bespoke re-working of an early djent gem, both a great present to hardcore fans and a great introductory piece for new ones.

9. Means End - The Didact

Means End were something of a djent supergroup when they formed, with Robert Luciani having recently left Vildhjarta and Christian Schreil still being a part of Uneven Structure. Yet, even then, no one could really have anticipated how far they were to push themselves and music as a whole when making their debut record, 'The Didact'. Artistically, the album offers pretty much everything you could imagine within the vast, hazily defined reference frame attributed to the band: monumental soundscapes of thick, jazzy chords, hand-drawn album artwork, poetic lyrical musings around interesting subject matter and a brilliant interpretation of a contemporary choral piece by Eric Whitacre.

Yet, beneath this thick fog of enthralling innovation is a landscape firmly rooted in exquisite grooves and catchy choruses, broadening the scope of enjoyment to be had from this album to encompass those merely wishing to visit the world of sound the album creates, rather than become totally immersed in it. I anticipate that most casual listeners will succumb soon enough though. - Zyglrob

Means End - The Didact: one of the most intrepid, vast and engulfing works of 2013; a real candle glaring out from the dark, lifeless mist of today's attempts at imagination.

8. The Safety Fire - Mouth Of Swords

With this sophomore full length album, released so closely after 2012's 'Grind the Ocean', it is clear The Safety Fire are a well oiled machine. Especially if you consider the quality of both releases. 'Mouth of Swords' shows that the band have improved their art in virtually every aspect, most notably Sean's vocals. Instrumentally the bass and drum work better to frame the band's signature style of light yet intricate arpeggios and clean vocals, beautifully contrasted with distorted vocals over the more rhythmic or djenty sections.

Despite the technicality, the album sounds well aired overall, with plenty room to breathe. Yet it is not without heaviness, with the intro on 'The Ghosts That Wait For Spring' and Tommy Rodgers of Between the Buried and Me doing guest vocals on 'Beware The Leopard'. 'Mouth Of Swords' truly is one of the great albums that made 2013 such a interesting year for the prog-metal fan. - static07

The Safety Fire - Mouth Of Swords: proof that it doesn't have to take years to meticulously craft impressive facial hair and persona, and still deliver such an amazing full length album.

7. Circles - Infinitas

Circles' first full length album reveals a brilliant quintet of talented musicians which has remarkably improved during the two-year gap that separates 'Infinitas' from their previous release. It is with much more heartfelt melodies, a mind-blowing rhythmical approach, sharpened percussion, clever lyrical allusions, and vigorous clean and harsh vocals, that the critically acclaimed band hits the scene with this debut album. This piece of art, if not masterpiece, going through a vast palette of influences which elicits a wide range of emotions that can't leave the listener apathetic, juxtaposes everything with taste, be it groovy bass slap lines, soft guitar arrangements, rich keyboard ambiences or even more.

'Infinitas', accomplishing without compromise a coexistence of "ear candy" and technicality, offers pleasure to senses as well as to reason with its ambivalent beauty. With the notable appearance of Kin from Twelve Foot Ninja on 'The Signal', Circles' latest album is a fine-tuned must full of surprises. - xCessivePressure

Circles - Infinitas: what Athena, the Greek goddess of war and wisdom, would have listened to over and over again.

6. Born of Osiris - Tomorrow We Die Alive

Born of Osiris' latest album album might not have been what everyone expected, which brought up some controversy among their fans. One can say that musical complexity gave way to more electronic elements. Whether this is a bad or good thing, everyone can decide for themselves. However, what remained unchanged is that powerful drive and energy the band managed to provide with such an exquisite care. I bet that right upon the first encounter with this album, most listeners found themselves involuntarily headbanging in tune with the crazy rhythms. Abundant keyboard passages set the tempo for most of the songs. The number of solos was brought down to a minimum, providing a short respite for the listener.

In general, if you are looking for a good source of energy to fill your day, this release won't disappoint you. For fans of "sumeriancore" and beyond. - Clarity

Born of Osiris - Tomorrow We Die Alive: a powerful mix of electronic elements and intense guitars perfectly capable of improving your mood.

To be continued!

Check back tomorrow to see which album made 5th place!

Check out yesterday's post to see positions 20 through 11.

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I agree with Woodeeks about BOO

Also, I was so shocked to see The Didact in that slot - it is one of the most ambitious and innovative albums of all times (not even just in 2013!!)

I have, and it does.

Safety Fire beats out Means End, huh? Obviously not enough people here have heard The Didact then.

The Safety Fire... robbed.

**High fives Circles**

That's what happens with polls Smile We'll be doing "editors' picks of 2013" soon to highlight some lesser known albums!

Born of Osiris should not be up that high... was a very disappointing album.. and so many better albums fall farther down the list, like the safety fire, and means end. oh well.