's favourite releases of 2014: part 1


Which are the best djent releases of 2014?

In the past few weeks, all registered users could pick their five favourite djent releases of 2014. Thanks to everyone who shared their favourites with us. A lot of albums came out this year, so picking just five was a challenging task!

In total, 417 people participated, down from 825 last year - a considerable drop. The reason is evident: Facebook's measures to reduce the reach of content posted by pages have been affecting us over the past year, just like they have been affecting many other websites, bands and organizations in this scene.

Facebook has been our main promotion channel for a long time, but also an important channel to communicate with our regular readers. Over the past year it has become clear that it no longer fulfills either of those functions adequately. It doesn't look like this will get any better soon, so keep spreading the word about while we figure out how to expand our reach again (both on Facebook and in general) - and more importantly, do the same for your favourite bands and musicians! Suggestions and ideas are welcome!

Anyway, onto the main matter: we will be spreading the results across a number of posts, to make things a bit more interesting. We will split the results in three parts (not seven as in previous years). We will announce positions 20 through 11 today, positions 10 through 4 on Wednesday, and the top 3 on Friday.

More than 40% of the releases in our database can be downloaded for free, so we are also including a top 10 of freely downloadable releases, which will be revealed on Friday as well. Stay tuned for that!

Without further ado, we present to you the first part of the top 20 of 2014, according to our users. We have a bunch of ties this year, including a huge 5-way tie for the 20th spot, so we decided the only fair thing to do was to include all of them. More good music is better, right? Enjoy! top 20 releases of 2014

20. The Ralph - Delimiter

20. Anup Sastry - Titan

20. Clément Belio - Contrast

20. Rings Of Saturn - Lugal Ki En

20. Sergey Golovin - Changes

19. Architects - Lost Forever // Lost Together

18. Alaya - Thrones

15. The Algorithm - Octopus4

15. Within The Ruins - Phenomena

15. Cloudkicker - Little Histories

12. The Helix Nebula - Meridian

12. Polyphia - Muse

12. Erra - Moments Of Clarity

11. Miroist - Curve

To be continued!

Check back on Wednesday for positions 10 through 4!

We organised a T-shirt giveaway to go along with the poll. We gave away four T-shirts in total (both old and new designs) to site users wtn, Chainsaw, SeanKGray and V ZtoL. Congratulations, your T-shirts are on their way to you!

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I have created a Spotify playlist with the albums from the TOP 2014: