's favourite releases of 2015: part 1


Which are the best djent releases of 2015?

For the last month of 2015, all registered users could pick their five favourite djent releases that came out in the past year. Thanks to everyone who shared their favourites with us. As always, it was a challenge to pick just five!

Unfortunately participation was down considerably this year, so we have decided to restrict the results to a top 10 ranking, instead of the usual top 20, to keep the results relevant. But don't worry, we'll make up for that when we share our editors' picks of 2015! There was a tie for the 8th spot, so we've decided to include both on equal footing.

We will be spreading the results across two posts this year. We will announce positions 10 through 4 today, and positions 3 through 1 next week. Without further ado, we present to you the first part of the top 10 of 2015, according to our users. top 10 releases of 2015

10. Novallo - Novallo II

9. Novelists - Souvenirs

8. Northlane - Node

8. David Maxim Micic - ECO

7. Intervals - The Shape Of Colour

6. Jakub Żytecki - Wishful Lotus Proof

5. SikTh - Opacities

Well, there you stand, making your comeback after almost ten years, having become a legend while you were away venturing on different paths. In an atmosphere and audience much changed from back when you made your decision -- a lot of it probably shaped by you, but not necessarily what you expected or could have predicted. How do you manage to neither alienate old fans nor new fans? How do you manage all of those expectations?

Sikth choose a surprisingly straightforward approach to those problems. So straightforward, in fact, that it makes you wonder if there ever was any problem to begin with: You continue where you left off and do it damn well. Their more than long awaited and, for a long time rather unlikely, return with ‘Opacities’ is nothing less than everything that is Sikth, compressed into 28 minutes. All the flittering yet grooving guitar runs, jazzy drumming, expressive vocal dialogue, dark poetry and soaring melancholy melodies you could have imagined. Nothing more and absolutely nothing less.

SikTh - Opacities: makes you feel like ‘Death Of A Dead Day’ was just released a year ago... in all the right ways.

4. Vola - Inmazes

Mathy movements to twist your neck sideways, progressive journeys on thick fluffy layered clouds, Pop songs that’d make you let out a satisfied nostalgic sigh if you were to hear them on the radio twenty years from now. Iterating on the ideas showcased on their 2011 EP 'Monsters', Vola manage to weave all of the above into a coherent whole. No harsh switches or stark twists. Rather a complex harmony where Pop and Progressive make the Math dance, Math and Pop make the Progressive caress and Math and Progressive make the Pop challenge.

Shaped by strong melodic and dramatic threads that give every single song its own signature and narrative structure, the entire album is a flow of swell and calming that won’t let you out of its embrace until the last note has faded from view.

Vola - Inmazes: a sheer masterpiece on all levels, be it craftsmanship, clarity of composition, memorability or emotional impact.

To be continued!

Check back soon for the top 3!

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As we said in the post, just not enough participation to warrant a full top 20. Which is not too surprising really, fans of this genre have a lot of other places to get their fix from nowadays, and Facebook shows our posts to all of three people, so our reach isn't what it used to be.

We'll hopefully make up for it with our editors' picks in a couple of weeks! Smile

I just realized...You guys aren't doing a top 20 this year... What's going on?

@ Turo

I made a top 10 essentially, and then later tried to whittle it down to 5. I don't think these guys realize how hard it is to ONLY pick 5. I feel like some bands are going to be a bit unappreciated.

Please don't let Juggernaut be number 1. Come on. It's over a year old now, and it's Periphery's weakest, poppiest album. Expecting Polaris to be number 1 at this point.

All that aside, I am glad Novallo and Vola are getting the praise they deserve. And David's ECO, despite not being very djenty, is an incredible album. Nice to see the fans think so too.

thanks for this list, just listened into vola inmazes, didnt know them at all and also didnt read much on here during the year. Killer album so far! Wow!

I hope Polaris will be #1 but i doubt it.

"SikTh - Opacities: makes you feel like ‘Death Of A Dead Day’ was just released a year ago... in all the right ways."

My thoughts exactly!

Guy's from SikTh should kick your butts for picking them as no5 after like a 10-year wait :]

Also: it's nice to see 3 of your own 'favs' in bottom 6(7) of top 10, but that means final 3 can be at best 2. And that's sad Sad

No surprise the 'attendance' was low - 2015, apart from a very small number of good albums I came into, was more like a disappointment to me ;/

Turo: that's unfortunate! The poll was implemented within the constraints of the site platform, so that limited our options a little bit. All I can say is it will probably be a bit smoother next year Smile

My guess for the top three (in no particular order) Matriarch, Polaris, Juggernaut

Glad to see Intervals on here!

Unfortunately the voting process is more or less a P in the A!
It's hard enough to pick only 5 releases. But once I've already picked 5 and while browsing through the list find another one that I want to choose, I also want to choose which of the first five selections to dismiss, NOT the first one I selected.
I voted, but at some point I just gave up. So my vote does NOT represent my five favourite releses, but only some five releases that I liked.

Soooo. Polaris, and then Alpha and Omega? Just seems likely to me.