Guitar Messenger: video interview with Misha Mansoor and Marc Okubo


Guitar Messenger has published an in-depth double interview with guitarists Marc Okubo (Veil Of Maya) and Misha Mansoor (Periphery). A two-minute announcement video was posted last week. The video interview is available in two parts which can be watched below. Click through to YouTube for better video quality. A full transcript is available on

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Very insightful comments from Misha about how 'djent' evolved from describing a guitar sound to describing a playing style, i.e. "low tuned open note syncopated riffs" (second video, 8:08 onwards). Although I disagree that the label would somehow be 'limiting' them as musicians in any way.

He describes it very succinctly, maybe we should add that to the FAQ Smile
EDIT: went ahead and updated it:

nice interview!

Misha and marc colab? dont know if the world is ready for so much awesome at the same time Shock
no but seriously.. that would be epic.