Humanity's Last Breath: new song 'Animal'


Humanity's Last Breath have released a new song titled 'Animal' on their YouTube channel. Listen below. The song will be featured on their upcoming album, due for release in early 2013. As we announced earlier, the band will be playing at Euroblast festival, which takes place in Cologne, Germany on October 19th-21st.

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evil, groovy and heavy \m/

To each his own, but I'm 100% sure even the band would agree that Vildhjarta is better haha

Better than Vildhjarta! Fuck me that's a big claim, one I'm going to massively disagree with.

Can not stop listening to this song! So friggin good. Better than Vildhjarta imo.

Friggin kick ass band
Their label Rogue Records have posted Free Sampler. This track available for Name Your Price download.

I would say Aegaeon (especially their new ep), Wolves, Ascariasis and The Acacia Strain.

My suggestions would be Aegaeon, The Wrath Of Vesuvius, Dissipate, Fleshwrought, Despite Exile

i wonder if these guys have ever heard of vildhjarta. can anyone point out to me any brutal bands like this on got-djent?

Big congratulations to these lads for joining the Etherial Guitars! I'm sure these guys will continue to do amazing things \m/

vildhjarta cover band

Too similar to vildhjarta still.



this is industrithall.

Their inspirations are obvious, but goddamn this shit slays.