Hydrodjent changes name to Skyharbor, album demos available


Keshav Dhar of Hydrodjent has announced that the name of his solo project has been changed to Skyharbor. He also reports that he has recruited a full time vocalist. He is working on an album that is slated for release in June this year. Two instrumental demos for the album are available on the project's Myspace page, and a track with vocals will be on the compilation CD of the next issue of Metal Hammer UK.

He writes: "[...] my solo project Hydrodjent has changed its name to Skyharbor, and has found a full time vocalist (Sunneith Revankar from Bhayanak Maut/Amidst The Chaos), and a track of ours from the upcoming album (to be out in June) is going on the Metal Hammer compilation CD in April :)"

Listen to the instrumental demos on Myspace.

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Has the album been released? All I've seen are tracks streamed on myspace. Just wondering...

This is killer news. The 'Dots' demo is awesome, really cool stuff. Can't wait to hear the release, Keshav is a pretty cool dude, too - big Congrats to him regarding the compilation \m/

Really cool name. Their old name just makes me think of Hyderabad in India. Only reason I even know the city name is working for amazon we have a office there.

Oh no they wont! Sunny is super kickass!

The Divine Djent Triade will be TESSERACT, PERIPHERY and SKYHARBOR !!!!

This is sounding really promising, I hope the vocals don't ruin it Tongue